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Sure there’s a load of things we could use that for. They’d make a nice turn on it even if they just sold it


Slated for completion in 2018 #lol


Still haven’t heard a clear rationale for this. Wanted to colocate with an adult hospital, had to be in Dublin. I think the mater was first choice but didn’t get planning permission. James’s was next up I think. James’s a leading teaching hospital was also a factor -politics in medicine circles. Public transport access also a factor.

I wonder if the report informing the choice of location is published. Listening to commentators, children’s hospitals should colocate with maternity hospitals to benefit patients. Colocating with adult hospitals doesn’t have any positive impact in patient outcomes, which contradicts one of the reasons given for the James’s site.


The public transport connections is the only reason left standing that makes sense, and we could always build a luas out to blanch, which will happen at some stage anyway and for the money they are talking the saving would easily cover the luas line, as well as the obvious additional benefits of said luas line.


I dont know — but the press will find something to shift the focus from the Gov.


At this stage the big hole in the ground is a sunk cost. They should look at the thing from scratch and decide again whether James’s is the right site. It might still be. It probably isn’t though. For the money they are talking about spending on the NCH in James’s they could probably build the children’s hospital in blanchardstown and then develop the James’s hole in the ground to improve and extend the adult hospital there (given that the coombe is apparently creaking and will need replacing).


Stop talking sense will you ffs


The money they have spent on the hole in the ground in James’s would have seen at least part of a building on a greenfield site by now.


If they collected their tax from Apple they’d be grand — Nah, we’re not in for that kind of thing… France just pursued 10 years worth of back tax from Apple – *according to Joe Brolly that is


Easily. The question now is how much longer FF will wait before pulling the plug.
One gets the impression that Brexit or no Brexit, the government is only one more major fuck up away from falling


Or apartments


They don’t have a greenfield site and if they wanted one would have to buy one, which would cost quite a lot in Dublin city.


There’ll be a general election in May.


Id say. Theyll fall over the line regarding Brexit and thatll be enough for Martin to pull the plug


Offer has probably lapsed


The Bould Mattie McGrath gave a slightly incoherent but amazingly accurate Tour de France in the Dail 2 years ago in relation to this project.


Mattie knew



is this it @chocolatemice?


And so it begins…