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It doesn’t have to be in the CIty, it can be on the outskirts along of the main entries to the city so that it is to access for all and not just those living around James’s.

As was said on the radio during the week the site a James’s is 34 odd acres the site out at Blanchardstown is 90 odd acres. Why would try squash it all into 34 acres when there is 90 acres free at another site?


Cos blanch is northside you mad spoon. I’d say now there’s a KRispy Kreme the cunts might rethink it though…


Did anyone go to or hear how Aodhan’s public meeting with big Quinny, Brian Kerr and others about getting a political vision for football in Ireland went? I met Aodhan in my new constituency lately. A lovely fellow.


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Sure we’re all cunts of a different hue around here @claisGlas.


Why doesn’t Quinn run for head of FAI if he actually wants to make changes? Or is this his round about way of doing it?
The league is talking about splitting from the FAI again maybe he wants to be head of that or something


Not only are we not collecting the money from Apple but we are APPEALING the decision from the EU granting us that money.

And budget day roles around and a cut in USC here and an increase in VAT there has us all in conversation.

The only person I heard question the whole corporation tax set up was Pearse Doherty.

On the Children’s Hospital I think, rightly or wrongly, the public transport access was key to the James’s site. Luas and Heuston Station as well as being relatively close to the M50. There is also a drive towards large hospital complexes to centralise a lot of the similar activity.

I don’t think the James’s site is the problem here. First of all the original specs which were provided in the tender were either way off (hence the large cost variation) or more worringly, the succesful tenderer went in very low, caveated the fuck out of the proposal and are now reaping the rewards. Either way sufficient time should be given to scope the feckin thing out but this doesn’t appear to have happened.

Also, the project management on this must have been shocking. In particular making its way to the Board and the Minister for Health. Such a price variation occurring shows huge evidence of a mismanagement of the project and communication channels. It is interesting to see Leo look for PWC to try to blame people for this when the ultimate blame must lie with him and the Minister for Health.


I despise Labour. You want to see the back of Aodhan’s leaflet. The gommy head on his male councillor colleague, although Jane Horgan-Jones seems very capable.


Bingo, and they have form for this.

They low-ball on the tender, often winning. If they don’t win, they’re fond of suing. This means the project is held up and more money is splurged, either fighting the case or re-running an insanely complex procurement process.

It’s a rock-and-a-hard place scenario, these projects get out of hand when tenderers are able to operate like that. If the government delayed the project to sort it out at the source or it emerged they didn’t pick the lowest priced tender (but one which may have been a more accurate costing) there’d be war over that as well. Can’t win.


Public transport??? You mad cunt. James Hospital is almost inaccessible to all who are not on a Luas line and very few people tend to bring kids to hospital by public transport. The Connolly site is far and away better placed to service transport needs. Sure even ambulances find it difficult to get into James.


you tailed off a little on us there @Blake


Correct. I would imagine any child going to this new hospital will be doing so in an ambulance unfortunately.


I am not saying it was the correct decision but an argument on the location is not exclusively related to the massive cost overruns in my view.


Come on now Farmer, you are better than that populist nonsense. We have to be seen to be appealing that decision to keep the multinationals on board. Apple were going to appeal it anyway so it makes little odds to the process as to whether we are supporting it or not. It’s not like we’d have that money in our hands right now if we didn’t. Other countries are going to come in for their slice when the process is finished as well so €14bn might be a pipe dream.
Best case scenario they lose their appeal and we’ve tried to help them and we get a nice windfall, which will probably just about cover the cost of the children’s hospital by the time it’s finished.


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I really dislike this notion. These are corporations, we are a country, we shouldn’t trying to keep anyone happy.

The multinationals practise widespread tax non-compliance within this country by failing to pay the required corporation tax rate. The State allows it with a wink and a nod. If that happened to a citizen, they would be jailed.

At the end of the day these multinationals are interested in the bottom line. And we are not talking small or even medium companies here. These companies are massive, they infiltrate the political system and they cream off the top. And when they go bust the ordinary citizen is called upon again.

But hey - they create jobs. They pay people for labour. Big wow.

A bit of a rant there and you may have had a point on the bigger picture with the Apple fine but there you go.


Sure look your 100% right mate, and it’s all sorts of wrong the cunts don’t pay a cent in tax. But unless there’s a concerted worldwide effort to crack down on them there’s no point in us trying to be heroes.
We need the cunts unfortunately, and as little tax as they do pay we’d be fucked without it and their well paid jobs.


One contractor’s quote was 20% cheaper. Costs have increased by 400%. Nothing to do with low ball tenders.