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That is what it is though on an argument scale, what was said was that they are “non compliant” with rules. The whole EU Commission Case is built around State Aid.


This is just absolute horseshit, again.


The life boats are being launched now to save Harris.

Finance Minister takes responsibility for spiralling cost of new children’s hospital


Well let’s get rid of Paschal as well so


What is?


Sure everyone loves Pashcal


Especially Paschal


Your cheer leading of multi national tax compliance and sneering of SMEs.


Word on the street at the time was that BAM were over €130m cheaper than Sisk, there was a little joke amongst construction professionals at the time that the MD of Sisk rang the MD of BAM and asked him which building he forgot to price. Constuction professionals are funny.


BAM were the lowest tender.


By 20% to the next?


Yes €637m v €808m.
Tender was rated 75:25 Price:Quality
Public Procurement at its finest.


Fuck sake.


A building company hardly tendered low and then once the contracts were signed hit the client for a heap of extras at an inflated cost?


That never happens!


How am I sneering them?

The number of SMEs naturally dwarfs multinationals.


It’s the equivalent of saying people with diplomatic immunity commit less crimes than everyone else.




Its all coming out now about who knew when on the cost over runs. Hiding room for the little weazel Harris is running out.

Revealed: Health officials knew about €400m children’s hospital cost overrun before last year’s Budget


The department of health were never great at sticking to a budget to be fair.

What’s the average life span for a health minister in this country? Angola indeed.