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You say SMEs cause most hassle for Revenue. The EU seem to have the impression that the same rules don’t apply to SMEs and certain multinationals.


Probably 2.5 years. Most governments have a midterm reshuffle and usually means a new health minister. Unless actually request to stay in health like Harney did.

I’d say this is pay back for Harris when he supported Coveney.


The Chair of the Public Accounts Committee says that the Secretary General of DPER cannot be ordered to attend it as he is not the Accounting Officer of the Children’s Hospital Project.

Anyone know who is the Accounting Officer?



Anyone know who is the Accounting Officer?

David Drumm


SG of Health presumably.


The fact that it is not clear says a lot.


The SG of a department is the accounting officer for the department’s expenditure, since this is a health project I would have thought that the sg is the accounting officer.

It’s not like accounting is a science there anyway. The HSE’s budget every year is a fiction, same as the Gardaí. Both organisations need a supplementary budget every year. No idea why that fiction is maintained, it’s an indictment of the department.


He’d better not be Chartered.


Simon Harris could be brown bread judging by information contained in memos.


You couldnt keep up with that snivelling rats spin. He said he did not know FINAL cost overrun of 400m until November but he was informed in August that overrun could be as much as €391m. Of course it never dawned on him to tell anyone, not least finance minister who was preparing budgetary drafts and trying to convince FF to get budget through the Dail. This is the guy who they trusted to oversee the biggest capital expenditure project in the states history.


He was never in Leo’s clique anyway. Easy prey politically.

Cant say I’m a fan of Harris either though to be fair.


I see Stephen Donnelly of FF has come out and said if it wasn’t for brexit this government would collapse over this.

I wonder after brexit will it be carnage in the Dail?


He said the other day they he supports the nurses claims but also supports the public sector pay deal. Mutually exclusive positions.

For a smart guy he talks some bollox.


You mean in the year 2525?


Harris on prime time
Explaining =…

Miriam giving him a good grilling.
She must have a family member in ff or something


Stephen Donnelly is a self serving cunt.


This colossal overspend could have the silver lining of this weasel Harris being publically ostracised and removed from
Cabinet - or even government - for his gross incompetence.

He’s such a snivelling little weasel.


1.4bn would be good value


€5bn would be well worth it to see him booted out of cabinet.


She’s a bit of a piosan aswell- Harris is just weak