Ireland politics


Harris backed Coveney in the leadership race.
Leo fucked him under the bus


Best place for the whure - all shysters


Leo’s mad for sex- under a bus :grin:dirty bastard


Come here. Do you think for one moment that if ff were in power, there wouldn’t be a big overspend? They’re all the fucking same


Yeah the whole lot SF incuded- labour not worth mentioning, independents all over the shop


Where did you hear that. There was only two tenderers. Bam and sisk. The only two large enough to deliver it. There were no jv bids. And there was no bid from outside the country despite efforts to attract them.


Not just bam, they looked for 200million to Make it a gmp. But the m & e contractors too. Mercury and Jones.


The tender process in this country is backward.

Highest quote with farthest projected finish wins.


I’d say quite a few lads have filled their boots on kickbacks and sweeteners with this cost overrun. If it happened in Greece they’d all be saying “what would you expect”?


There was a case pretty recently which got practicality no coverage around dodgy dealings with a gas pipeline. There was a big over run on a job but rather than make the spending known they gave another two jobs to the same company at an inflated cost.


The kiss of death for Harris.

‘I have total confidence’ - Taoiseach backs Harris and says hospital costs are ‘manageable’


Car crash interview by Fine Gael TD Peter Burke on Seán O’Rourke there defending the cost overrun and government inaction over it.


the tax payer is going to get a right good shafting in this


Are you on paternity leave?


Is he not a chartered accountant? In his profession would you not record a provision for that extra cost that could become payable given that it is highly probable that it would be.


I’m working from home today.


Turn off the fucking radio so and don’t be cheating your employer.


Hang on a second until I finish feeding my child here.


A lot of big offices have the radio piped into them @Fagan_ODowd to distract you from the stark reality and numbing monotony of working in a big office.

@Bandage is probably subconsciously replicating his office environment at home


In the fast-paced modern environment, man must be able to work and listen to the radio at the same time (and feed his child, and post on TFK).