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What’s the point of working from home then?


Himself, Peter Matthews, Paul Somerville, Gurdgiev and a couple of others were regular doomsday guests on Vincent Browne in 2010 or so. Matthews took the soup but Donnelly is far far worse.


Donnelly is smart enough to know that there are no easy answers to some of the hot issues (housing, health etc) but still tries to make out like there’s a simple way forward that won’t involve hard choices etc. It’s despicable really and its hard not to believe there is a massive ego at play too.


Tough choice to make at the next election, do I chose corrupt cunt from FG or corrupt cunt from FF. Either way you know as soon as they get in that will be the last you will ever see or hear from them.


Has Peter Casey got his political party up and running yet? Something the whole forum could get behind


@maroonandwhite reckons he has refs in his pocket and is a good bet to win hurler of the year.


He fairly man handled the Galway man Mickey D last year and wasn’t pulled up on it


Don’t think that is going to happen but his new show “The Peter Casey Report” is starting on Tuesday on Newstalk. The first show is about when he met the travelers.


I wonder what the two snowflakes in the morning will think of that


Reckon the Casey Report will be so sanitized by the producers that it wont offend snowflakes. Be interesting to see what the first show is like that will give an idea of what direction its heading.



Wonder were any of the TFK Fingal Battallion involved


Jaysus the drama…Trapped? Did the protesters nail the doors and windows shut?


I thought he was a homosexual?


Wankers doing that to a mother and her newborn child. I hope they walk into traffic.


This is probably engineered by Fine Gael to get public opinion back on Harris’s side.


What if the protesters are the mothers of new born babies?


They’ve no souls


That’s desperate, doing that on a Sunday! I hope they went to Mass this morning. God bless you all.


Pretty desperate. That isn’t “fair” protest, it’s mob stuff.