Ireland politics


It was staged. Rent a mob.


Sure, whatever makes you feel better about it…


What? I’m not too bothered either way mate.


I’m glad. Being bothered upon a Sunday evening is no good for any soul


Fuck the Duke of Ormond and his deer.


Some right looking weirdos at this from looking at the photos


He once swept Francis Fitzgeralds office floor allegedly, romours say he also made her tea.


Francis will be licking her lips at the prospect of replacing him in and sending him back to cleaning her floors and making tea.



FF cowards not backing it.



Attention seeking useless opportunistic cunts.

While that snivelling bastard Harris needs his hole kicked what point is served in the national interest by having an election at this juncture.

The Stormont issue is of their own making and they want to cause chaos here as well.

Sinn Féin are basically an unruly amalgam of tossers who feel the need to assert their “importance” occasionally. Cunts.


Fianna Fail lackeys worrying about the "national interest ". You couldn’t make it up.




Brilliant stroke playing the treble diversity card.


Former Rose Walsh running in the Connacht-Ulster constituency (or Ireland North-West, or whatever it’s called) could cause confusion if her fellow Mayo woman Rose Conway Walsh runs for Sinn Fein.






I see the nurses have called off their 3 days of strike this week


Leo stared them down.