Ireland Squad for Germany match

Maradonna of Carndonagh (The Doc to those wondering) is back, should have been drafted into the last squad anyway, playing regularly for Norwich these days. Dixon demoted to u21s.

Staunton Welcomes Back Injured Players for First Euro Qualifier

Date: Monday, 21 August 2006 Section: International

Republic of Ireland International Manager Stephen Staunton has welcomed back squad members Shay Given, Richard Dunne, Damien Duff, Robbie Keane and Stephen Ireland from injury to join his squad for the first of the Euro 2008 qualifiers against Germany on September 2nd next.

All five players missed out on the recent friendly against Holland through injury but are all included in the 23 man squad, which also sees Gary Doherty returning to the International squad. Levante’s Ian Harte is out of contention through injury.

At the announcement Staunton said he was happy to have the injured players back. “I’m delighted to have the boys available to me after their recent injuries, they are regular members of the squad and it’s vital that we have everyone we can available to us for this tough test”, Staunton said.

The squad will depart for Stuttgart on Thursday 31st August and the match will take place in the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadion, Stuttgart on Saturday 2nd Sept, kick off 2045 local time.

Republic of Ireland Squad to play Germany - September 2nd 2006

Shay Given (Newcastle United)
Wayne Henderson (Brighton)
Paddy Kenny (Sheffield United)
Andy O’Brien (Portsmouth)
Richard Dunne (Manchester City)
Stephen Carr (Newcastle United)
Steve Finnan (Liverpool)
Stephen Kelly (Birmingham)
Gary Doherty (Norwich)
Kevin Kilbane (Everton)
John O’Shea (Manchester United)
Steven Reid (Blackburn Rovers)
Graham Kavanagh (Wigan)
Liam Miller (Manchester United)
Jonathan Douglas (Blackburn Rovers)
Stephen Ireland (Manchester City)
Damien Duff (Newcastle United)
Aiden McGeady (Celtic)
Stephen Elliott (Sunderland)
Robbie Keane (Tottenham Hotspur)
Kevin Doyle (Reading)
Clinton Morrison (Crystal Palace)
Alan O’Brien (Newcastle United)

Just noticed Andy Reid isn’t included, he’s not injured either because he came on for the last 20mins against West Ham on Saturday.

That?s a big enough squad, presume he?s just guarding against probable withdrawals before the game. Can?t fathom why that O?Brien guy is in. Surely, you have to at least be close to playing for your first team. Somebody told me he shares the same agent as Staunton. Think Doyle put himself in the frame to lead the line after his 45 minute masterclass against the Dutch with Robbie perhaps playing off him. At the moment I?d probably go for:

Carr, Dunne, O?Brien, Finnan
McGeady, O?Shea, Reid, Duff

But to be honest I?m not sure if that?s the best side. I don?t think Staunton has a clue either because of the withdrawals before the Dutch game and the experimentation in the first 2 friendlies under him. On the other hand they know their system inside out having got to the latter stages of the WC and I think that?s a bonus rather than a hindrance as all the folk saying they might have a post WC hangover would have you believe. Not optimistic ahead of this one.

Was McGeady any good against the Dutch to merit his place on the team? Saw none of it as I was on the golf course, was gonna watch the deferred coverage when I got home but when I saw the result I thought ‘fook that’. Watched There’s something about Mary instead!.

He didn?t really get a kick in the first half because when we had the ball it was thumped over his head. He was playing in the midfield 3 with Reid and Kavanagh and De Cler and Robben were doubling up on Carr so Stevie kept calling him out wide to cover. At the same time Kavanagh kept screaming at him to tuck in. We were chasing shadows and the poor chap didn?t know where to go. They went 442 in the second half and he was very good on the right hand side. Linked up well with Doyler and put in some decent crosses and showed us a few tricks. It might be early to throw him in but I?m struggling to see alternatives unless you throw Kilbane into midfield and stick Duff or Reid over on the right hand side.

Would more or less agree with that line-up, would drop Carr however, bring Finnan to right back and put Kilbane in at left back. Could easily interchange Kilbane and JOSH then depending on how things are going. Really don’t think Carr is arsed playing for Ireland anymore and if we’re not careful Finnan will get the hump and call it a day.

I like Doyle and think he’ll be great but I’d start Clint up top. He was one of our better players in nearly every game in the last campaign and I don’t think he deserves to be dropped.

I wouldn’t play Kilbane left back. He’s blatantly not a defender, see him playing Van Persie on for their last goal the other night. He dives in too. Carr is limited but a safer option. Harte is actually a loss despite what anyone else says about him.

I was one of Clint?s staunch defenders in the last campaign. Great away from home in particular with crucial goals in Switzerland and Israel and was playing very well in Paris too before his injury. Actually can’t fathom the stick he gets from his own fans. But those performances were 2 years ago now. Since then he has regressed a lot and is now on the bench for Palace in the championship. I wasn?t impressed with him the other night either. Doyler is high on confidence and is now playing at a higher level. I hope he scores in the EPL in the next couple of games so his confidence will be high going into the game. I think Doyler should be given his chance. Throw him in at the deep end like Liam Dunne in 1988.

Paddy Kenny and Stephen Kelly have just pulled out and are replaced by Nick Colgan and Sean St Ledger! I have never heard of Sean St Ledger, apparently he’s with Preston. I read yesterday that Germany are missing 3 or 4 centre backs so we might be able to get at them if our strongest XI stays fit. I find it odd that the squad is only meeting up tonight. After the basic lack of organisation and formation difficulties against the Dutch he should have had them in on Sunday after the clubs games, ready to hit the training ground first thing on Monday morning.

Stan referred to going back to basics when he took over, but I agree, this seems to be taking the pish a bit. Kerr ended in failure and possiblity lacked in certain departments but at least he failed professionally. Staunton appears to have gone back to the hit and miss preparation that was seemingly the way pre Kerr. Given the Dootch game and result(albeit against a shadow Irish team) he should’ve had them together ASAP. Expecially as the season is only starting and they should all be fresh.

As stated in another thread, the Germans know their capabilities fairly well post WC and should be a more seasoned out fit. So one would assume our lads would’ve taken as much time as available to prepare for the game.

Actually international preparation intrigues me. I remember standing on college green one night at about 3am queing for a jo maxi, turned around to see Kenny Cunningham beside me, (Alright Appendage he didnt say) and I was saying to myself what the fook are you doing here you should be in the fookin bed you’re playing for my country on Saturday! It was during the McCarthy era but don’t they go for pints every time they assemble (a la Robbie v France lat year). Bandage could you shed some light on that one for me?

Everyone needs to relax etc but those fooks get well paid to play footie, so that sot of shite should be a no no.