Ireland v Australia ODI - Clontarf - Thursday 17th June

I’m really looking forward to this. It will be my first time actually going to a cricket match. We’re planning on drinking the absolute shit out of it. I’ve taken Friday off work in preparation for this. Hopefully the weather will hold up for it. Anyone else going?

George Dockrell is doing the Leaving, so will miss the game, which is a shame. Niall O’Brien has postponed surgery on a fractured finger so he will play. Ireland squad: William Porterfield (capt), Trent Johnston, Andre Botha, Peter Connell, Alex Cusack, Gary Kidd, John Mooney, Kevin O’Brien, Niall O’Brien, Boyd Rankin, Paul Stirling, Andrew White, Gary Wilson.

Haddin and Johnson injured for the Aussies and will also miss the England series. The uncapped Josh Hazlewood replaces Johnson. Australia squad: Ricky Ponting (captain), Michael Clarke (vice-captain), Doug Bollinger, Nathan Hauritz, Ryan Harris, James Hopes, Mike Hussey, Josh Hazlewood, Shaun Marsh, Clint McKay, Steve Smith, Tim Paine, Shane Watson, Cameron White.

As things stand, I won’t be there - I couldn’t get the time off work due to colleagues being on holidays. I might be sick though it’s unlikely. braz, I’m not sure what it’s like in Clontarf lately but it’s best to bring a huge bag of cans. I’m not sure if they’ll have a temporary bar, like you’d see at a concert for example. I’m not sure if Clontarf will have the clubhouse bar open - it may be restricted to members. Last time I was up there they weren’t letting you bring drinks outside the bar, which was a bit shit. With the crowd expected on Thursday though, I reckon they’ll have a bar set up on one of the rugby football fields. The queue for a pint in Stormont when we played England a few years ago was nearly an hour at such a facility. Warm cans of lager will be lovely.

Thanks for the advice Bandage. We were in two minds, but thought that bringing your own booze might be frowned upon/outright not allowed. We may reevaluate on the basis of this information.

We brought an esky full of beer into Clontarf without any bother before but it was a few years ago for Joyce’s last game. Probably no harm to ask the question on the Clontarf CC guest book / forum and someone will come back to you on it.

Andre Botha is out with a back injury. Cricinfo is calling our team as follows:
1 William Porterfield (capt), 2 Paul Stirling, 3 Niall O’Brien (wk), 4 Alex Cusack, 5 Kevin O’Brien, 6 Gary Wilson, 7 Andrew White, 9 John Mooney, 9 Trent Johnston, 10 Peter Connell, 11 Boyd Rankin.

They’re calling the Aussie team as:
1 Shane Watson, 2 Tim Paine (wk), 3 Ricky Ponting (capt), 4 Michael Clarke, 5 Cameron White, 6 Michael Hussey, 7 James Hopes, 8 Steven Smith/Nathan Hauritz, 9 Ryan Harris, 10 Clint McKay, 11 Doug Bollinger.

In other news, Ponting is having a pop at the ICC for allowing England poach our best players. Probably just an early attempt to piss the Poms off before the Ashes, but at least it gets the issue some coverage.

Weather is set fair for tomorrow. Should be a good day all around.

With 2 number 9’s I can see an easy victory for the Irish.

is this being covered on sky sports?

Setanta are showing it.

Hadn’t spotted that! Lucky I’d given the accreditation to cricinfo and hadn’t taken credit for a copy/paste job. On a point of pedantry though Mac, the bigger the number the worse the batsman is down the order, so you’d be better off with two number 8’s than two number 9’s.

I was a MASSIVE cricket fan that Paddys Day we beat Pakistan. My interest has waned slightly since.

yet again runty proves my point about limerick being the biggest bandwagoners going

'Mon the Ireland. I hope to hears the roars from Clontarf coming all the way back into the city centre.

Edit: Alex Cusack shouldn’t be batting as high as #4. Plays for Clontarf and is from Australia so it might be a nod to him for the day that’s in it.

The Aussies swapped the bats for hurleys for a while during the week aswell. DJ was giving them a tutorial. Wonder did he bother explaining the ‘steps’ rule?

I’d imagine he did whatever he was asked to do in return for the fee he was receiving.

mother of god

Are you as droll in real life :rolleyes:

fucking hell man

I was just a bit pissed off at the way it was reported to be honest. It was very clearly just a sponsor’s event, but all the papers were running the quotes from Ponting et al as though they’d discovered a new found love of hurling.

It’s the age old Irish complex of needing foreigners approval of everything.

What really bugs me about stuff like that is the whole charade. The Aussies are there because it’s a sponsor’s event that they’re obliged to attend and give a couple of quotes about it. DJ is playing along, and he’s getting his bit of cash. It gives the papers a few column inches to fill and a good photo. And every mention it gets is referring to the RSA Challenge, so they’re getting their money’s worth. Which is all fine, but it’s just a charade, and the papers that are running it know that it is but they don’t care. I’d suppose I should find more important things to worry about, but this one just annoyed me.

You assume DJ knows the steps rule.

(And what Braz said)

Should be good craic lads,. I have no idea who this Hazelwood guy is. In fairness to Australia, its a first string team