Irelands Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

It was in its hole.

Rational mature debate eh

:joy::joy::joy: what a stupid cunt

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It’ll be interesting to see how far their liability insurance stretches.

Tasteless, pathological and far beyond disgraceful. The photo bottom right is of Paul Shefflin. That poor man, much missed, had a well established heart condition ever before Covid or Covid vaccines came along.

People are entitled to different views on vaccines. But this type of callousness towards families who have experienced tragedy is something else. Gemma O’Doherty is a loathsome individual and all too clearly deranged.


The opposite corner is Kate Moran. Claiming Kate died of an adverse reaction to a Covid vaccine is beyond the Pale, and an insult to her memory. Despicable, bottom of the barrel stuff here.


Fair play to you. I really admire you for making that humane observation, because we have agreed to disagree on certain matters, as is most often the best way to proceed.

An overused phrase but I am sickened. And my reaction is completely and utterly irrelevant when compared to the the feeling of the families in question.

The likes of O’Doherty is beneath contempt.


can they be prosecuted for this? it’s absolutely vile

I’m not sure what good that would do. Paul Shefflin’s and Kate Moran’s respective families are still struggling to come to terms with their losses. Having to stand in a court, giving oxygen to such toxicity, hardly seems worth it.


could it be done without dragging people before the courts. a cease and desist even?

Hard to say without seeing the rag, of which I have less than zero interest.

Just on this, even if a deportation is signed, it’s usually self-enforced. A sort of “please leave there like a good lad” court order

These days, the preferred sign says “Ireland is full”, according to the Facebook page of the exceedingly right-wing Irish Freedom Party, which churns out anti-immigration rhetoric.

Any natural sense of grievance residents may have is vulnerable to aggravation by nasty references to “strangers” and “unvetted men [of] military age” being “dumped on their doorstep”. Since when has it been a requirement that anyone taking up residence in a new area must have Garda clearance?

Familiar refrains from TFKs far right dimwits.

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Or just people with common sense who say if you keep allowing people in in their tens of thousands, housing will be in short supply. Nothing sinister to see here. Or is there an agenda? There usually is.

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The open borders crowd are in complete denial of supply and demand. There’s all these mental gymnastics performed to deny huge net immigration increases prices and decreases supply.


And yet those places so much better than us (apparently) in Europe have had a longer term “right wing” problem.

There’s rakes of valid questions that need to be answered, but when you have the Gript crowd hijacking it for their own purpose and profile it’s gonna become nasty.
It’s just become left v right, very few outside of the affected area gives a fuck about the refugees or the residents, it’s an online war


It’s not an online war mate. There are very real world effects on people. Also gript are pretty much the only orgsnisation that would dare to question the negative effects of too much immigration. Every other media and governmrnt and ngo organisation all parrot the same lines, anyone that questions it is ‘far right’. It’s all so tiresome.


If anyone is minded to do so, put in an FOI request as to how many single males arrived in DUB today alone from elsewhere in Europe without a passport. Bearing in mind it’s still only 5.30 so the number could end up higher.