Irish coursing-as bent as a 4 pound note

my sources(ie the phoenix) tell me about a gaping hole in the Irish coursing boards accounts:mad:

Tell us more NCC…

This is a sad day for Coursing.

Coursing is bent alright but this was more like fraud, NCC. You would actually see four pound notes floating around the ‘short odds’ area.

Any tips for round 2 of the laurels tonight SS**?

No Dunph, due to Limerick chipper activities I’m a bit behind in my form review so I haven’t seen last week’s Laurels heats yet. I’ll most likely be in Mecca tonight to watch on the intertrack. Are you going down to Curraheen yourself?


I will be taking down thousands of euros with me and anticipate taking home tens of thousands of euro…

That is an excellent plan Dunph. I hope this foolproof scheme will make you the wealthiest man in Tour.