Irish Cricket


The final match of the tournament for Ireland was nearly rained off, but it’s eventually started and will be just a 6 over game. Holland are 38-3 after 4 overs.


Holland 59- 5 after their 6 overs, George Dockrell with 3 wickets. 10 an over needed to win.


Two huge sixes in the second over from Paul Stirling puts Ireland in the driving seat at 28-1 after 2 overs.


Ireland have contrived to throw this away and need 16 off 3 balls. This tournament has been a disaster fro Irish cricket.


FFS, you’re about 4 years late for the Irish cricket bandwagon pal.


And you’re about 4 days late with your response.

I’ll let it slide this once.


I’ve had a disaster of a week, hard drive on laptop decided to cark itself, wife away in Bali, me being house husband, chauffeur and slave to 12 year old. I drank a lot at the weekend.


That is terrible timing, it really is.


Yes indeed. Had to use her laptop. Still, got a shite load done around the estate for the couple of days I took off work.




Bravo. I’m not sure he got it mind you, but bravo nonetheless. I’m giving that a like.


It’s hard to know with him. I wasn’t going to pursue the matter, in any event.


Bumped for @Fitzy.


What? Do you want an invite to it?


I’ve never met anyone with an estate before. Actually that’s a lie. Sir Jack Leslie took a swig of my naggin in the Forum about ten years ago. Nice chap.

How big is it? What’s the minimum requirement to be classed an estate? Would your estate be the Kilkenny of the Irish cities scale?


Who the fuck is spreading this rumour that Kilkenny is a city?


The people of Newry. They felt they were cut adrift from Wahurfurd and needed someone to bridge the gap.


I’m sure everyone has felt cut adrift from Waahurfurd at some point in their lives.


I just saw that the Australians just beat the Irish cricket team today by 1. 199 to 198.