Irish Football,where do we go now?


At a million quid a year it’s a hugely attractive job. Personally I’d like a loi manager. That’s just me though.


A heavy defeat (ie. four goals or more) in a really important match is usually fatal for a manager, either in terms of them getting sacked immediately, or more likely in O’Neill’s case, fatally undermining players’ confidence in a manager in the long run if they stay on.

Rudi Voller was able to recover from a similar scoreline with Germany when they lost at home to England in 2001, but then again Germany were still very much in the World Cup after that result and there were key fixtures to come in which he was able to change the mood quickly.

In O’Neill’s case this result is going to linger like a bad smell for a long time as there are no important fixtures in the near future to turn things around.




Because I reckon there are LOI players who, if given the opportunity, could do OK for Ireland. If we don’t give them a glimmer, it’s just going to get worse long term. The international team should in part be about promoting the Irish game, otherwise it’ll just be lads drifting away to try their hand in the lower leagues in England, and talent will bleed away.
I’m sure I’ve seen league of Ireland lads good as some that were out there.


League of Ireland players who are good enough will get a move to a club in the UK. That’s the reality of it.

The likes of Paddy McCourt and Patrick McEleney certainly have the skill but McCourt didn’t have the athletic ability and/or willingness to work that’s needed at a higher level and McEleney probably doesn’t either.


Maybe you’re right. I reckon that, like most junior hurling sides, there’s a player in there who could do well at a high level given the opportunity and encouragement. I’d love to see a few lads given a try.


I would look at Kenny.

He understands Performance Culture and understands the modern young lad.

Thats key.


They have a chance to make the LOI strong.

The present situation in england should be seen as an oppurtunity, not something to moan about


Of course there are and we’ve seen plenty of them over the last decade. But association football is not like junior level GAA, they have to move to play at a higher level if they want to be considered. Horgan and Maguire will hopefully make that jump to the next level now they’re with Preston.

I mean the likes of Jonny Hayes and Adam Rooney don’t really get a look in for the international team playing in Scotland, but they’d probably clean up in the League of Ireland if they were playing there.

McEleney has a big decision ahead of him now. Blackburn, Wigan, Doncaster and Oldham are apparently after him, but it seems he might just move back to Derry City instead. He’s 25 now so if he wants to make it at a higher level, this is his final chance.

You have to really want it and be prepared to put in the hard yards to make it.


Our team is set up to get the best out of McClean when it should be set up to get the best out of Brady and Hendrick. I actually think bar a striker and with McCarthy and Coleman back we have a really solid team these days and should qualify for the Euros again.

Randolph has never let us down in a competitive game
Coleman is great
Duffy is improving all the time
I understand why people dislike Clark but he’s a top championship/okay lower Premier League player
Ward has been great the last few years bar the other night
McCarthy and Arter are decent midfielders
Hendrick is an enigma but has a lot of talent and is doing well at Burnley
Brady is a good player, another fine assist yesterday
McClean is decent, hopefully get more game time for West Brom under a new manager
Don’t know what we’ll do about a striker though


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You be honest Kev, I was just asking a question. My interest in it is only a passing one


Roy Keane and Robbie Keane were not the product of proper system’s implemented by the fai They were one offs despite the system because of their phenomenal drive and talent.


William Kvist the Danish midfielder has said the rugby team could have done more to help their soccer counterparts by having dug the Aviva pitch up a bit more on the previous Saturday Night


Is there any talk of amalgamation with the north? At least that would be a positive step forward


The pretend ira lads will never have it. They are too bigoted and driven by sectarian hatred


Why would Northern Ireland seek to weaken their team ?



Kerr won some amount of friendlies .


whats the story with Oirish lads only playing in scotchland and england?

the iceland team has lads playing in turkey, isreal, greece, germany, switzerland, russia, spain, as well as the to be expected scandanavian leagues

there’s almost as many people living in galway as iceland


Lies, damn lies and this…