Irish Football,where do we go now?


Time for a few guys on here to hang their heads.



Lads i hope none of ye are involved in this shite.

THIS is why Ireland does not produce skillful and plentiful players.

Clubs whoring them out for players, “big players” in some cases, and the schoolboy league supporting ut. These are average local clubs.

What a fucking disgrace


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I assume increasing team size is increasing the number of players, not the size of those players.

They’re talking about equal playing time and fun involvement in a couple of those. Doesn’t seem overly pushy.


No. They are looking for bigger players. Physically.

Can you not see the problem here?

Or maybe you don’t want to.

Lical clubs having trials for 9 year olds. Its an outrage. Supported by the league???

All government support and funding should be withdrawn


You twat. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Maybe I’m not reading it properly but it didn’t read that way to me. They want to have a bigger squad, i.e. more players. They wouldn’t write it like that if they wanted a taller squad.

Also don’t have a huge problem with trials. They need some way to assess ability, if only to ensure teams are fairly even. If it was GAA it would be more parish based and the clubs wouldn’t need to attract players so much. But that’s not how it works so the clubs advertise to get players. And getting more players is a good thing.

I don’t see any huge problem here. I think you’re looking for a problem.


Yea, I read that as increased numbers, not increased size.


There is a gigantic problem.

I know for a fact theae clubs are rejecting players from their areas. These clubs have more than one team in some cases. Why advertise for players? They may not have a parish rule but they are still community based clubs who get community based funding.

If you don’t have a problem with trials for u8’s then i suggest you do not get involved in coaching and you are a danger to kids you will coach. And you are an idiot.

I don’t really believe your an idiot so you must have a vested interest in some way.

Sport is about developing all kids. Not about hoping to develoo elite players. And clearly irelabd has no idea of how to do that as it is.

They are rejecting willing kids at 8 ffs.


That club has 2 teams. I know its size, a friend who works in the league is who tipped me off to this and said its common.

What about looking for players of a certain standard?

Its a disgrace


Just pointing out that it didn’t read to me as if they were looking for size, merely numbers.


I don’t coach kids.

In Germany their national talent identification programme starts at age 8. They’ve been rather successful since implementing this model in 2000. But they’ve also invested heavily in UEFA accredited coaching licenses, something else you seem oddly opposed to.

I know rugby clubs that run trials so they can split trams fairly evenly if they have more than 1 team. I know other rugby clubs who claim to do the same but actually just stream their teams when claiming not to. And the only soccer club I am familiar with runs trials so they can split their Under 8s teams evenly and so they can put some kids in the academy for more coaching so they’re better equipped to play.

Thanks for believing I’m not an idiot though.


Wanted; tall players for long ball football. All replies to


Kevin should set up a decoy Facebook account pretending to be the parent of an eight year old who is very small in physical size for that age and get back to us with the details of what happens. Perhaps he could even set up a meeting with one of the clubs and covertly film it.

  1. Suvivorship bias. German model may well work due to numbers. No oroof their system works whatsoever.
    Also they coach in a much different fashio

  2. Everything you describe there is wrong. Holding trials with 8 ywar olds full stop is flawed and has proven links to drop out.

  3. Sending kids off to “academy” to work on “skills” (thru “drills”) is making them worse and retarding their progression further. They come back worse and give up invariably.


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