Irish Football,where do we go now?


FFS. Would you ever give over with this shit. While I’m a fan of lads throwing a few good internet digs, I think this line of attack is pretty disgusting.


No. He laughed about a poster’s wife having cancer. Did you express any outrage at that?


Big claim, there. Prove it.


Here you go, pal


That doesn’t seem like laughing at somebody having cancer to me.


Yes, I think I did. I think that line of attack is disgusting too. I suppose I think any attack invoking the illness of a loved one is disgusting. Call me old fashioned.


Its using a terrible situation to score points.
Just like using child grooming earlier.

You are a scumbag.


It seems you’ve been out to try and score points all day. You need better movement though, you’re far too static and one dimensional in how you position yourself and all you’ve been hitting is a load of shots which are, in the words of Jimmy the Mayoman in the pub, “wide as a fucking gate”. That and your lack of basic English comprehension.

What’s this, now, mate?

What about, say, vilifying a recently deceased man in your locality who can’t answer back?

At least Foley can give and take it.

Yourself and @Ambrose_McNulty are exposing yourselves as windy cunts who love to give it and then whinge like babies when somebody else gives a bit.


Jesus lads will you lay off the poor guy


I recall a time when @Sidney was pretty mild mannered. Although that was when he didn’t post as frequently.

  1. There is plenty of proof the German system works well. You can ignore it you want but it makes you look rather foolish.

  2. I’m not advocating what the rugby clubs do, I’m just illustrating it for context. It’s not much fun for kids to get the shit kicked out of them every week.

  3. You have no evidence for such a ludicrous assertion. Skills training does not make children worse at sport.


How has ogbene the limerick winger not been called up to Ireland’s under 21’s? On trial with Chelsea and Brighton this week. A blind man could see that this lad is going to be a star. Very strange.


He wants to play for Nigeria.


He has rejected Ireland. Wants to play for Nigeria


The ungrateful little fucker


Did you see how Cyrus Christie was treated on here


Ogbebe only came to Ireland from Nigeria when he was 8. Why wouldn’t he want to play for Nigeria?


Was that what made that young fella play for Nigeria? I think the consensus here was that Cyrus was shocking on the night and that has nothing to do with his background or upbringing


Conversely he has spent most of his life in Ireland, why wouldn’t he want to play for Ireland?


Because he feels Nigerian, which is perfectly reasonable, given that he is.