Irish Football,where do we go now?


It was only the racists that thought he played poorly and nothing could change that. Anybody with an ounce of knowledge on the game could see he played fairly well, possibly as well as any Irish player that night.


He never turned down Ireland. Yes he said Nigeria would be he’s first choice but said it would be an honour to play for Ireland. Ogbene has not been asked shockingly.


Thanks for clearing that up - I couldn’t be arsed getting into a pointless debate about it


You’ve a bit of form questioning Africans right to represent Ireland mate, this is a bit of an about turn.


It just amazes me that with our lack of talent that we are not trying to tie down a player I think will be a star in a couple of years.


Show me where I questioned the chaps right to play for Ireland? I intimated he should be playing for Ireland now fuck off dickhead


Not this chap mate, you seem to want him to play for Ireland, take it easy now. You know what I mean.

  1. Show me. There is zero evidence for it.
  2. No thats what divisions are for
  3. Drills do make players worse. It takes the decision making proceas away. All soccer in Ireland relies heavily on drills. Thats what happens when they go away. And then the more advanced get better competition and inprove and the gap widens.

You can go further with this now if you want. But i will destroy you. I’m the one studying Motor skill development, skill acquisition and actually working with kids and in sport.

Go away and learn about the dynamic aystems theory, constraints led approach and relative age effect.

And then turn to Motor skills.

Come back and apologise then


Are all the sports you are working in gga sports?


You’re studying basic car engine maintenance, is it? It’s a bit like the human body - the right of amount of fluids is key.



Presently/past 12 months;
Track Athletics (inc. Para)
Gaelic Sports
Distance Running




I’d say you concentrated on backhanders.


Ah jack of all trades bias


And master of one


Actually I agree to an extent about the drills bit. I’ve always thought that once striking and touch are basically there, hurling improves mainly by actually playing hurling.


Of course it does.

Better decision making comes from making more decisions. As players get more competant you need to making the decisions more complex.

An opposition player does not tell you what to do in terms of performing a movement, why should a coach or a cone?

Good podcast here on CLA

  1. You want evidence for Germany’s success at developing young footballers. Open your eyes, Kev.
  2. They don’t do divisions for Under 8s. They are regionalised. How would they do divisions without running a competition to stream them? That’s essentially what the trials are doing. If you agree with organising players by ability then you effectively agree with trials, you just want a different label.
  3. Don’t be a moron.

I’m delighted for you that you get to work in this area. But you basically misread a Facebook post about increasing the size of a squad and extrapolated lots of nonsense from that. I have no interest in reading your recommended theory. I’m not arguing against anything you’re suggesting is helpful. I’m just pointing out the contradictions in your arguments.

I’d say everyone loves a coach who is afraid to listen in case someone challenges him.

  1. I want evidence that looking for elite players at 8 years old is a proven success.

  2. I don’t. I agree with them staying with their mates in lical clubs and getting good coaching. Not being pooled into groups of supposed better players and being dragged all over the city to be coached by morons.

  3. Again, you are out of your depth here. Listen to that podcast alone (if you can understand it) and it will show you how you are wrong.

I did not mis read a fb post. That is in fact what they are looking for.
You choose that one piece of info though to ignore the rest of the dumb and immoral oractices going on, not to mention tge stealing of state funds under false pretenses of developing a community.

You don’t coach. You have no experience of what i am talking about. You don’t want to learn and you are throwing out generalizations about Germany and its something you clearly do not understand.
Yet i’m the moron​:joy::joy::joy:

You have some affliation to Delaney and the FAI and have this blinded bizarre loyalty to them even though they are pretty much making a balls of absolutely everything they are doing.

Government intervention is the only answer here.


You’re a gas man, Kev.

I have no affiliation to Delaney or the FAI. Zero. I’ve never met the chap. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone employed by the FAI in any capacity.

Wanting proof for the success of the German coaching model is so idiotic it doesn’t warrant a response.

You want to stream players by divisions but you don’t want those divisions to be organised along local lines. Your proposal makes no sense unfortunately.

I’m not ignoring any dumb practices. I think you’re looking for problems in some of those posts though. They reference enjoyment, facilities etc. I don’t think Finglas United are trying to attract players from all over the city. They are trying to get young kids in Finglas to play football. They guarantee equal playing time in doing so. That doesn’t sound like evil incarnate.

“Stealing state funds under false pretenses” is a wonderful line though! It’s a Facebook post looking for players to join an Under 9s team!! You’re a ticket.