Irish Football,where do we go now?


The pista are not fine. Then are morally disgraceful and show a clear lack of education.

And yes i have a massive issue with soccer coaching. Especially in ireland. Its pityful


The pista show a clear lack of education. You couldn’t script this stuff.


You have lost it all now.

The deflection is always a clear sugn of defeat.

Anything on predicting 8 year olds to be elite players yet?

Have you brushed up on Motor skill development?

Have you seen the posts for what they are? Fellas trying to recruit players to fill their egos and win under10 titles?

Absolute numbskull


What is it that’s being discussed here now? Skiing or Italian food?


Its always amusing when the hipster tv soccer watchers think they know it all about all starands of the sport.

Based on newspaper clippings


And a bit of 5 a side mate


Ya with 1 tackle and 1 long range curling goal a year to help them think “they could have been a player”


I absolutely love that moment when Kev brings science into an argument.


Do you have a good knowledge in Motor Skill development in Kids ya?


What’s your knowledge?


Decent. And growing.


Confirmation bias.


This is worth a read if you have an interest.

Tough going at the start and will need a few reads.

These are more digestable but not specific to Motor Skills


Ah its not.
You do not understand the term


I don’t mate and have no interest in it.
I love science though.


It is science fella.

But basically you don’t know what you are talking about either. So leave it off.


I haven’t expressed an opinion at all. As I said I know nothing about whatever it is you lads are arguing about.
I doubt there’s much science involved, mostly flavor of the month stuff.


In the development of Motor Skills?

You do not think thats science and its flavour of the month stuff. Its the basis of human movement

Not much of a scientist now are we?

You made comments to indicate that by using science in the discussion it somehow d3valued my points. Which is really bizarre coming from a scientist


Are young players thought to use both feet? Basic skill yet professional players can’t do it.


Generally left to themselves or done in a structrued drill based/unopposed fashion way so carry over is limited.