Irish Football,where do we go now?


No, your continuous use of the term science to back up your arguments with no actual science based evidence to support it undermines your arguments. Science isn’t based on anecdotal evidence from a few lads with vested interest in their opinion.


No fella.
Basic motor skill developme t and skill acquisotion science makes a mockery of most coaching courses and alot of normalised coaching now.
It makes a total ass of the approach on the British and Irish Isles.


Kev is having an argument on motor skills with nobody for a good 24 hours now. Nobody else gives a shit about his motor skills theories and they’re nothing to do with his original complaint based on his misreading of a Facebook post. But he’s determined to make the only point he wishes to make irrespective of context or audience.


England are the world champions at under-17 and under-20 level, so that makes a total ass of your “theory”.


Seriously? I was trying to decipher the typos and thought he was talking about mother skills??


No it doesn’t.

We’ll see how many more of them make it compared to other teams of same age.


I guess Limerick are the benchmark for developing hurlers as well :smile:


That would be confirmation bias.


Yeah, winning two underage world championships at different age groups within a few months with superbly skilful and exciting teams is proof that it’s just same old, same old in English underage football coaching.


Again you fail to understand what i am saying.

But it could be ya. If not investigated correctly.


As i said. We won’t know for a while.

Not everyone is convinced.

Mind you they are now starting to work with the likes of Eddie Jones and his team. Which may set them in right direction. But maybe not in time for this bunch


Yeah, it was Eddie Jones wot won it. He’s a highly accomplished underage international soccer coach - Australian rugby is famous for producing them.


No he had no involvement.

He is helping with their coaches and systems.

He is an elite coach.

Coaching is coaching on most levels. With elite players its small margins and its much more about the psychological than amything.

They would do well to listen to Eddie


Eddie Jones is a below average rogbee coach hounded out of oz


Because they are stupid pompous fools who know know better. He has transformed England.

Sure look at the state of the aussies now




Yeah, they beat New Zealand there last month and scored 50 points without reply against them in the two games before that.


Their game is in tatters fella.
Tge result of the senior team is not going to paint the entire picture.

Many of the middle class athletes now play AFL and the old boys club of rugby schools has dropped off.

Without the islanders they’d barely make the World Cup


Barely make the world cup?

There hasn’t been an uptake of AFL by the middle classes in qld and nsw which would be the states union is popular in


Ya fella. Thats what i said.

They need a serious restructuring