Irish Football,where do we go now?


Well if you’re now admitting that every player on the Australian squad should be playing for Australia, because they’re Australian, your argument is over.



I said tgey’d be goosed without the Islanders.

My understanding was while many were citizens they were not born there and the well had dried up on the private school front.

At least thats what the rugby people told me when i lived there, spent time at the Western Force and worked with some rugby players at the wais.

But maybe its changed. In 3 years


What islanders? Tevita Kuridrani is the only member of the Australian squad at the 2015 World Cup born in the Pacific Islands.

The likes of Israel Folau, Scott Sio and Wycliff Palu are not “islanders”. They were born and brought up in Australia.

Australia would not be “goosed” without “the islanders”.

There is an economic pattern of immigration to Australia and New Zealand from the Pacific islands.

The children of parents who migrate, and who grow up in Australia, have every right to play for Australia, because they are Australian.

It’s like saying the Cork hurling team in the 2000s would have been “goosed” without the “islanders”, because they had about as many players born there as the Australian rugby team.


No it wouldn’t.


Some migration here from conditioning Irish ankles to play association football to the impact of Polynesians on Australian rugby union football .

Take a bow Boyos .


His AFL point showed a complete lack of knowledge of Australian sports tbh


It would, because they had the same amount of players born in the Pacific islands as the Wallabies. Setanta and Aisake O’hAilipin were born in Australia and none of the O’hAilpins had any Cork connection until they moved there.

Cork GAA has always taken in outsiders - Tompkins, Fahy, John Meyler, Mark Mullins, James Loughrey etc. Even Alan O’Connor is really a Dub, and Martin O’Doherty the 1970s hurler was really from Galway. Danny Culloty was born and brought up in San Francisco.


You’re very naive, taking the words of strangers without any sort of critique or cynicism. I’d say you’ve been sold some pups in your life.



I realise most prople you encounter treat you like an outcast or stranger. But thats not actually normal

But i worked with or trained with or lived with these people. And aussie tend to have little reason to kie to someone like me


And you naively believed everything they told you, without question or cynicism. I guess that’s the difference between you and I.


Kev establishing his own birther movement here. Serious racist undertones which is surprising and disappointing.


I am a cynic by nature. Surely you see that. Nothing they said i have reason to believe not true. And all indications of the goings on bear that out.

However when you talk and look at people in the real world you can make out what they are saying gor real.

You should try it.


Kev all over the shop here. Folau isn’t Australian and AFL is replacing unions in qld


Odd that a cynic would repeat any sort of unverifiable anecdotal nonsense he picks up along the way and you do this routinely. You are as much a cynic as you are a member of Mensa.


You have no idea what you are talking about


I’m well versed on your illogical anecdotal driven arguments which are habitual with you on here. You’re very naive with what people tell you or else you’re just a bulllshitter who can’t articulate his points.


You know alot about Australian sport and culture do ya?

Classic play the man tacticss from the pretend IRA crew here.

Totally incapable of actually discussing Irish football because they have no idea whats actually wrong or a sniff of how to fix it.

Avoid the actual debate here at all costs.



Unlike you, I’m a cynic, when I get a whiff of bullshit I check it out. What you have said doesn’t stand up to critique abd logic. Playing the man is what you do, particularly when people probe and question your nonsense. You’re not man enough to stand behind it so resort to your house tactics of hit and run.


So no suggestion on how to improve irish football no?



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