Irish Football,where do we go now?


Interesting piece by Larry Ryan


Yesterday’s was decent too .


Woods comes across well


Being reported that Stoke have made contact with Martin O’Neill.

Suggestions are he could take the role until the end of the season, and combine it with the Irish position.

Thoughts? Is it time for MON to move on? Will Roy take over?

I imagine Keane managing Ireland will go down well…


As long as stoke pay us a bit of compo sure fuck it why not. Not like he’s at anything else


I liked O’Neill up to the Denmark matches, particularly the second leg, where he threw the match away.

I wouldn’t be bothered if he left.


You can tell you think deeply about the game.


Truly, madly, deeply.


O’Kneel can fuck off and he can take that Roy Queen with him.


Soccerball is for chavs.


You can tell you think very deeply about everything.


Dont you forget it fucko.


Go away you fucking weirdo.


Fawning over soccer and english teams is the action of a weirdo.




How many usernames will you be using on here @ChocolateMice? It’s easier if you just stick with the same one.


I can very reliably tell ye lads if MON goes Roy is gone too. He will not take over.




Thank God


You don’t need a ‘people kev knows’ to tell us that.