Irish soccerball nil - That boy Ferguson will save us (Part 2)

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Shitload of tickets left for the Scotland home match, I’m kind of surprised.


I didn’t realise they were even on sale.

We’re along way since FAISTAFF


@The_Selfish_Giant have ye more money coming if he’s sold?

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yes according to McDonnell, he is the golden ticket

Manchester United should try and get him. He is twice the player Henderson is and a better deal than De Gea with his age and the way he can play out. Id say he is the best young keeper in the world.

Southampton would be a good move. Don’t seem to have any decent keepers

Going to Everton would be a waste of time for the lad. He’ll see no game time. Pickford could drop his keks and shite on the goal line and he still won’t be dropped.

Travers has done ok at Bournemouth this season but will have a pain in his back picking the ball out of the net next year. Two Irish keepers at the one club wouldn’t be great for either of them.

Whilst it’s unlikely he’ll be a Premier League starter next season, maybe a move to somewhere with an aging/ropey goalie that he’ll replace sooner rather than later?

Tottenham, a possibility?

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Why would we want an Irish player going to that shitshow?

Everton are listening to offers for Pickford.

The Gav Baz stand can’t be far off

a few players like zefri didnt sign contracts so left for nominal fees, he is rovers mad so signed a pro contract,

Good point, its a shambles. I think hed start games fairly quickly there though.

West Ham surely. Fab is a joke in the nets.

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There is a good 9 plus subs there that would go well if you could just find one or two really good players. Plenty decent supporting cast players just need someone to pull the strings and kick it in

@The_Selfish_Giant what has Spock got against Jack and Danny Mandriou?

The Ev??

Ha ha he’s fecked then

I’d like to see Obafemi finally get a run.

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