Irish soccerball nil - That boy Jinky will save us (Part 2)

I was telling lads on here when they were posting up those tweets when Kerry got into the league first about it being the most scenic ground in the league. It might be from a 1,000 feet in the air but inside it’s a kip

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Is it Spain we play now in the q-finals?

I’ve only been ever been to Kilcohan Park. I once lived in a flat that overlooked Dalymount.


An absolute Kip. The best part of the game was watching a fire starting on the mountains behind and us chanting “All your homes are getting burned”

I dunno what anyone sees in it. Since it opened in 06 there’s still the same crappy aul toilets, never developed a proper stand… Hopefully in the next few years seems Wallace is gone and Tony Doyle the new CEO might do something with it. But I think it’s an absolute kip.

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We went up there the year after they got to the Europa league group stage. Got beat 8-0 :joy:. Anyway at half time we asked the steward we’re to go to the toilet and he told us piss at the back of the stand :joy:



Was he a big tall fella?

I can’t remember so I’m just going to agree with you :joy::joy:

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Hon Turley boy!!!

Who’s the blaa on co-comm lads? @Fagan_ODowd @Thornhill

Which co coms is that now?

Rte player, u17’s vs Spain.

Romeo in midfield or the keeper?

Sorry I thought the players. :weary:

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Kelleher 2nd last in the XS table

Strong Irish representation there. How many shots has he actually had against him though? I think it’s a fairly small number which makes it statistically irrelevant.

5 shots, 4 goals

25m the footix want for him