Irish Sporting achievement of 2009

Sea the stars all the way:thumbsup:



Gotta be the International Rugby team. Unbeaten as well and competed in more contests than the aforementioned horse.

Rugbys not held in the same regard as racing as a sport though

Racing is a business and Rugby is a sport.

‘Rugby is a sport’:D:D

Sheamus O’Shaughnessy marauding his way through the WWE to gain a world title shot at the next PPV event in mid December.

This has got to be Kilkenny in all fairness,until we started paying Rugby players the cunts couldnt bless themselves leave alone win a game,Sea The Stars is a close second but he’d have to go out and do the business again next Year to be up with Kilkennys achievement of going unbeaten in Championship hurling since August 2005,its never been done before in Irish sport.

Any other year KK would be a shoe in here but Sea the Stars achievements this year were of such mind numbingly epic proportions that everything else is dwarfed by comparison.
Plus Tommy Walsh is a dirty cunt.

Grinding away up on a horse’s back is the habit of a sexual deviant and is nothing whatsoever to do with sport. Ergo, any jockey should be discounted immediately. As for the horse itself, it ran around a field - so fooking what. Not to mention the likes of that freak Aidan O’Brien who drives around a field in his car staring longingly at horses. Clown. All in all, horse racing completely sucks ass.

The sport of kings, ergo beyond portly wexicans


Brian O’Driscoll for leading Ireland to a Grand Slam and Leinster to a European Cup.

Aidan O Brien drives around his gallops in a Jeep Bandage,only townie cunts call Jeeps cars,it should be in the things that are wrong thread,being from Wexford i know that you know the difference between a jeep and a car.


Although international football is fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, Robbie Keane’s displays in the World Cup qualifying campaign over the last calendar year were stunning, particularly his epic performance in Paris - the greatest ever individual display by a player donning the 26-county representative jersey.

Thats a wind up anyway,he scored a goal he couldnt miss and missed another one he should have scored,he had an average Year really.

During the last calendar year:

  • two goals versus Georgia to turn a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 win.
  • equaliser away to Italy.
  • winner away to Cyprus.
  • greatest display of all time in Paris.

Brian O’Driscoll similarly led in a heroic manner but Keane would get the nod from me by virtue of the fact that rugby football is not a sport.

:clap: Not just this year, all time greatest moment.