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Madam, - Given that Ireland’s current economic slowdown is expected to result in an increase in racism, I believe that Scotland provides a good example of what Ireland needs to guard against in its treatment of immigrants.

I read your Michael Walker’s article on the Celtic-Rangers match with great interest. I was invited to the match by a client and heard the singing from the Rangers fans. It wasn’t difficult to decipher as the Celtic team was completely dominated by Rangers, resulting in a stunned silence from the Celtic fans and non-stop noise from the Rangers supporters.

There was much abuse aimed at Celtic players who were not of Scottish origin, with a Pole and a Japanese player being the target of sickening insults. But this abuse paled in comparison with the anti-Irish chants aimed at the Celtic fans and at the Irish international player Aidan McGeady. Most distressing of all, however, was a song, aimed I assume at all Irish people, which repeated the line: “The famine is over, why don’t you go home?”

This casual racism does not appear to be confined to Rangers fans alone, as one of Scotland’s red-tops had a cartoon the following Tuesday making a joke about the post-match assault with Neil Lennon the former Celtic captain, who was depicted with bandages and black eyes.

Although Irish people have been part of Scottish society for over 160 years the cancer of racism still persists. I hope Irish people will remember this should racism come to the fore in this land of emigrants and immigrants. - Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.

Very articulately put by Mr Duggan.

Obvisously this person doesn’t watch soccer matches either where goalkeepers never take off their gloves for shaking hands or receiving cups

Obviously this person has too much time on their hands


Like those Irish-Americans who can’t decide which nationality they are, some cunt who can’t decide on what his surname should be deserves derision, not praise. Mrs. Batt had notions of the double barrelled surname until I put the idea out of her head fairly sharpish. None of that shit in the house of Batt.


What if that lads Misses went double barrel as well. The kids names will be the length of a Welsh village

I remember seeing some skiing type a few years ago with the name of Patrick Joseph Schwarzenegger Joyce. A load of cock more fitting to the likes of Glas and his fellow residents of the Ennis Rd.


“Luckily for me he managed to control his justifiable annoyance!” :smiley:

I wonder is he related to John Robbie ? @GeoffreyBoycott

Probably. Dave is a regular contributor to the Irish Times letters page.

This lady’s letter is powerful. Hard not to be shaken up by it.


Pure like bait

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