Is canabis a gateway drug?


In my experience, it’s a gateway to great times.



The Gifmeister rides again.


Seems like there was carnage at some house party in Cork after the party-goers took a load of some new drug called 2c-e. 4 people in hospital.

Some great eyewitness accounts of what went on on the Cork 96FM Facebook page:

I was walking passed at about 3 and heard shouting from the house. So me and a friend looked in the window to see is everyone ok. The bedroom was covered in blood, walls, floor, bed and even curtains. We shouted in to see is everyone ok. A man arrived at the window clearly on drugs and in a state of shock. We asked is everyone ok. He replied “yes everything is fine”. So we said there is blood everywhere someone must be hurt can we check to make sure no one is hurt. He said yes and opened the door.

When we went in it was like a scene from CS.I. blood all over the walls, floors, couches and a man and a woman naked covered in blood shouting badly hurt and clearly in a state of dementia. The man was smashing the house up blood was everywhere. There was a man on the floor in cardiac arrest with major breathing problems and the man who let us in sitting on the chair in shock. My friend started helping the man in cardiac arrest. I had to control the room to let my friend help the man on the floor in safety. It was surreal… a naked man and woman dancing naked covered in blood on the chairs as a man was having cardiac arrest on the floor.*

I was the man who left the guards and paramedics into the house. It was surreal…Myself my friend, gardai and paramedics were all in shock. I will gladly speak on air if needs be. I made a statement with the gardai last night and will be doing so again today. What ever drugs those people were on last night in Pouladuff road was scary. They didnt even know they were covered in blood and badly hurt, they didnt even know there was a man dying on the floor. I havnt slept a wink all night, im still in shock to be honest.



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Very civilized approach to the whole thing down in Cark


Sounds like a thoroughly alright sort.


Havnt read the thread but alcohol is the gateway drug by a longshot


Jaysis, where do I start these day…

Drugs,to those who take the time to become knowledgeable about them are great.

I’ve Descoxypipradol, A-PVP and 2-FA along with an assortment of benzos for use if I need to get to sleep and about a ton of acid blotters in my inventory at the moment.

I’m happier and healthier than I have been in years,which I put largely down to LSD and that wife-swapping prick and his taunts on here.



Haven’t bought weed in a decade but this thread inspired me and I went to a specialist and got some
AK-47. It is magnificent.


I’ll be in contact ref collection. :+1:


English please har, what the hell is that??:slight_smile:


I smoked weed/hash every day for over ten years, took a wide variety of other drugs as well but only occasionally.
I now smoke a bit maybe once a year, it was the best thing I ever did to give it up, admittedly it took having kids to do it but it made me a lazy fucker, couldn’t find the motivation to do anything, my life is infinitely better since.
Nothing sadder than a middle aged man smoking weed and not even knowing it, if you’re gonna do it you might as well get the benefit of being properly stoned, I’ve a neighbour about 45, business owner who spends a fortune, smokes all day long and you wouldn’t wven know it, pure waste of money.


I took 5 pills last night. I’m off my head in a hotel in Manchester. This is happening right now


Good for you pal.


What does this mean? You either smoke once a year or not? Why are you misleading the forum?


Listen pal, the weed has obviously killed most of your brain cells, I was a sad cunt like you once as well, sitting around on my hole smoking weed, thinking Howard Marks was some kind of role model and paranoid that strangers could give a fuck about what I was up to. Now kindly fuck off and stop overanalysing my posts, I’ve told you before that I want nothing to do with you.


Stop telling lies.


Cringeworthy post


Cigarettes are the biggest gateway drug.
I smoked before I drank