Is canabis a gateway drug?


I went to the shop there to buy a bottle of whiskey and came across some poor cunt in a bad way in the street. Having some of seizure or possible heart attack. A young enough chap around 40. I called emergency services. Jesus Christ I’m shook after it. I don’t know if he"ll make it. Whilst I was waiting he was gone blue.


Did you check his airway & place him in the recovery position, pal?


No. I shit myself. I tried to engage him in conversation but he was unresponsive



Are you sure it was a person and not a blue bin bag?


Did you tell him a defibrillator could change his life in ways he never thought possible?


Or maybe save his life in ways he never thought possible.


That’s kind of what I was implying, Brimmer…


Ah. Ok. Sorry I was engrossed in the rugby.
Exciting game today.


Drink is the getaway drug pal. Legal and can make u mad and wanting you to get more recked


A line of cocaine on your driveway is a gateway drug.


Proof that cannabis is a gateway drug


That’s a nice story. All’s well that ends well.


How has this post only received 4 likes?


Go on then.


Lousy bitch of a Guard.



How’s the drug trade these days?


I’ve out grown weed. The cocaine trade is out of control. I’d be happy to say 1 in 2 of the 18-23 bracket are doing coke.


Story with pills these days?


Coke is everywhere. Every young lad is on it from what I see