Is Fingal Raven The New Trevor Deely?

Fingal Raven was last seen posting on TFK on the 30-12-2007, at around 5pm.

He is of medium build, green and white hair, hoopy brown eyes, his skin colour is black and blue as a result of assualts on him from Bohs supporters. He was wearing a Shamrock Rovers Jersey when he was last seen. He is NOT to be mixed up with his lookalke Fingal Ravin Steamer!

If anybody has any information on his whereabouts, please post it on the rovers forum

Any sightings of Raven?

Saw him on the Betfair forum last night giving out about Scotland.

Saw him on the huddleboard last night calling for some lad to be banned. He also text me the other day hailing what good news it was that Boruc signed a new contract. Don’t know how it’s good news for Shamrock Rovers but there you go.

He didn’t even rise to my bait on the betfair forum in the “most hated GAA clubs thread”. :frowning: