Is Liam Sheedy a deranged simpleton?

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:lol: :lol:

Alright sort. A hurling man

:lol: :lol:

thats an unequivocal yes then

Great poll. I voted yes.

Did you spend long selecting the picture lazarus?


This poll could well produce the greatest landslide result in the history of democracy by the looks of things.

Liam togged out in a Kildangan jersey :clap:

I was going to vote yes, but then I opted for the alternative of Yes.

That Lazarus is a class act, not only does he run a poll on Liam Sheedy, but uses Sheedy’s favourite song in his signature.

Sheedy’s kids will be along for comment soon.

stupid and ignorant topic and poll

He looks like Joe O’Reilly in that photo so I’m voting yes. Deranged mentaller capable of murder should be an option.

I’ve never heard of him. Taking into account he appears to be a hurler the answer is a simple yes.

Liam Sheedy invented shouldering competitions.

Anyone hear any juicy rumours about him and a players missus?

Ah lovely.

Must be what Laz was referring to when he called him a sleaze the other day.

I won’t be commenting any further on this topic until i hear the Pukes thoughts on the man…

We all know Sheedys opinion of The Puke though.

You gotta love the bitterness of Laz on this one.

Noddy - Does Sheedy still play ya? What level?