Is sunday limerick last chance for a while


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Explain answers please


Your inferiority complex is entertaining Joe

Should We lose, we will be back next May/June just like every other county.

true good point

I think ye will win but lose ye are gone for years

Clare won last year and now they are gone for years

it is certainly the biggest challenge this team have faced. you could also ask the same question of KK. But to answer your question no, there are some very talented hurlers coming through who will improve us more. its a great chance for us now but TJ needs to be smart and mix up our forwards a bit and try and expose the weaknesses in the KK backs, not that there is much btw. what u think joe?

Thank you great to see a reply from a hurling man


WHO wILL are the win?

It is a big challenge. kk are not the team they were but how good are limerick. We can take nothing from the last day

we cant take much but we can take that they were focused and ruthless and that is the positive i took from it and something Limerick teams have lacked in the past. We will be ready for them it will come down to the breaks on the day I think, and (repeating myself) if we can rotate the FF line a bit. Big game too for HB line

You have to ruthless Sunday. there will not be as much space so are ye tougher

i do not know yet wait for the teams bud

With Clare, Waterford, Galway, Wexford and Dublin out of it you’ve got to take the chance when it comes your way as you just don’t know if those
teams might progress past you next year. Clare showed last year that it’s never too early in a teams progress bar to win an AI. Some of the players might not get a chance
for another 5+ years.