Is that all I get?

Yes it is you little shit. And you’re only getting anything at all because you happened to call at half time in the NFL. And nobody else is now getting anything because I’m not answering the fucking door again. Ungrateful little prick.


Splendid post, this is the worst day of the year, fat bloated kids with chocolate all over their faces trying to squeeze an extra few sweets out of people. Fat American fucks have a lot to answer for.

What exactly did you give him Rock ?



Fucking ridiculous custom

Well you have been given the option, I’ve been asking for a trick all night to blank faces, it’s a lot less bother to clean egg off the front of the house than be polite to fat children and give them chocolate.

Brilliant. I used to give them a satsuma to really piss them off.

im disappointed with this thread- its a great night for the chisslers

tight hoor

+1. But some people were right ignorant bastards to me when I was trick or treating earlier.

Turk in not liking holloween shocker! :o

So are Chirstmas and their birthday. I’m not buying other kids chocolate. Fuck that.

If they want to come in and discuss the current economic climate or horse racing over a short of whiskey, then they are welcome.

:lol: :lol:

Bangers and fireworks going off everywhere now as well. They’ll have the livestock and dogs scared shitless. I’ll be going out now shortly to sort this situation out if it persists…

Brian O Driscoll just tweeted that hes had to do another run to the shops for treats as he’d been wiped out already by the youngsters coming to his door.

The great one is an alright sort.

A great night for lamping, everything driven from their burrows! Release the bitch Dunph…

It wouldn’t be a bad night for it actually…

Some fucker threw a banger in the door of the pub earlier. Incredible scenes as people dived for cover.

I’ll answer you with a kick in the face.

That’s a good one alright.

One Halloween years and years ago a friend of mine put a load of dog shit in a paper bag and lit it outside some old crusties house. He rang the doorbell then and we all ran for cover and took up our vantage points. The crustie came out and he stamped all over the bag until he eventually realised what happened and his shoes were destroyed in shit. Oh lord how we laughed…