IT Question

Well lads, I have a bit of a tricky situation if anyone has any suggestions.

I recently had a laptop screen repaired which had been broken for some time. Being the retard that I am, I have no idea what the password is to the only account on the laptop.

Am I fucked?

Can you not just create a new account?

What operating system is on it?

Windows 7 Home Premium

Don’t think so, only one account on the laptop and no way of setting up a new one without first logging in.

Reinstall the operating system. Although I’d assume you have stuff on it that you wouldn’t want to lose.

Also where did you spring from? Were you given the appropriate greeting on singing up here?

there is software out there that should be able to get you the password.
I’ll come back you on it.

I wouldn’t pay for that gear. Swindle!

He wouldn’t lose any files or photos etc. He’d lose the apps alright.

How would I go about reinstalling the operating system? I have nothing I need on the laptop.

I made a magnificent entrance here a couple of months ago, but have yet to make much contribution.

I will be happy to field any questions you may have here.

Sound Runt. Much appreciated.

Jackie have you tried wiping your laptop?
Baby wipes are great for that

Runt knows the score as usual.

:shakefist: :lol:

I have a multimedia hard disk which I recently filled. I’ve since deleted some of the larger files off it, but it hasn’t seemed to have any effect. I’ve ran CC cleaner but thats only cleaned what the disk is saying is its free space and not what should be free to my mind.

Any suggestions?


Download and scan the drive with this. it will tell you whats taking up the space.

Have run this Runt and its shown up the HD as having a recycle bin which is obviously teeming. Yet I cant seem to find the bin on the HD, I imagine I’m being retarded here, what am I doing wrong?

If you right click on the files within that program you should be able to permanently delete them?

Ah lovely. Thank you kind sir.