It's warm up North


He is a textbook cunt. I watched the interview last night.


Is he one of the Francoiseseses of Clacton or the Francoiseseses of Chichester?

A true Englishman, like Nigel Faraaaaajjjjj, nary a trace of impure foreign blood in his veins.


What a fucktard … The British state has never covered up an atrocity before I suppose … Hillsborough? Derry?

It’s all coming out this week … the tans are really showing what they think about Ireland and the Irish.


They are gas cunts, everyone who is not English is beneath them and I include their Welsh and Scottish brethren in that as well.


You’re surprised that the English believe the entities they conquered, and still control, are beneath them?

In other news which may surprise you, water is wet.


This Mark Francois cunt is on Politics Live on BBC2 for the next 42 minutes.

I may or may not update the thread if he says something cuntish.


Which Karen Bradley does he support? Karen Bradley Wednesday or Karen Bradley Thursday?


Will Self on BBC2:

"Amber Rudd clearly doesn’t spend a lot of time around black and ethnic minority people. It exposes her as a white ghetto person, that’s all.

And what about Karen Bradley’s apology?

“Resign. It’s over for Bradley, and I think she probabaly will have to, she’s handled the brief appallingly, she’s been a complete SNAFU for the Tories, and they should put her out now. I mean it’s shameful.”

Francois: “I don’t think she should have to resign.”

Self: “She came into the brief saying she didn’t know Nationalists don’t vote for Unionists and Uninists don’t vote for Nationalists. I mean really, that’s a level of staggering ignorance. She shouldn’t even be sitting in parliament with that level of ignorance.”

Francois starts making a joke about Bradley’s ignorance and launches into his Chelsea pensioners waffle.


You can take absolute consolation in the fact that the Brits are fucking seething with us.
Half the cunts expected us to leave with them.


But even that comment by Bradley is beyond ignorant in itself. If she is going to approach her job with the idea that such a simplistic statement… well it’s no surprise things have turned out as they did. Ivan Cooper was a Protestant who believed in Catholic human rights and received overwhelming support from the Catholic population.

By the way, how come that arse faced weasel Sammy Wilson hasn’t been asked to apologise seeing as he nodded in agreement with her poisonous comments?


Because the DUP are the same as the following.

Being bigoted, hateful, intransigent and stupid is the DUP’s brand, the same as it’s the brand of the Tories and US Republicans. It is their USP, their main selling point to those who vote for them. It’s exactly why people vote for them.


I don’t think Sammy has ever said anything otherwise tbf.


Protestant does not equal Unionist and Catholic does not equal Nationalist.

A majority of Protestants are Unionist and a majority of Catholics are Nationalist, but that isn’t the same thing.

Nevetheless there are occasional tactical voting patterns (due to first past the post) where some Nationalists might vote for a Unionist and vice versa.

Sylvia Hermon likely benefits from this as she’s seen by most Nationalists as pretty reasonable, and certianly far preferable to the DUP.

Joe Hendron got in ahead of Gerry Adams in West Belfast in 1992 due to this as well.


I’d put it more that half wouldn’t find Ireland on a map, and couldn’t care less, and are utterly indifferent to NI


That doesn’t mean that he isn’t a horrible cunt who believes the British Army didn’t commit a crime when they blew away those innocent civilians on Bloody Sunday.


I didn’t say he wasn’t, I just meant calls for him to resign now must have missed his career to this point.


Yes. I didn’t actually mean to make such a generalisation but I was caught up in the banal nature of Bradley’s comments.


Whether he has been consistent in his cuntish views is beside the point - the complete double standards of requiring the apology of one politician and not another over making the same point is ridiculous.


Again, this is nothing new from him or the DUP really though. Cameron stood up in the House of Commons and apologized for Bloody Sunday. She bumbled in and talked nonsense on it.