It's warm up North




Two retired soldiers on the news there … they are petitioning government today for an amnesty for all soldiers who served in the north … on the grounds that they were 18/19/20 year olds following orders.


Friend’s brother was killed on that particular Sunday,fucked up their whole family for a long long time


I think I heard Justine McCarthy say on the news coverage there about 11:30 that British defence secretary Gavin Williamson has proposed a 10 year maximum sentence for any member of the British armed forces convicted of a crime.

I just googled it now and found this.

Williamson is a particularly pathetic little cunt.


Edit: 10 year limit on historic cases.


Not one mention of the victims — fucking cunts. Suppose they are well aware Ballymurphy is ongoing also.

I asked the question earlier as I tried to put myself in the shoes of a 19 year old soldier caught up in that frenzy.

Still, you always know what’s right and what’s wrong and there’s never an excuse for cold blooded murder.


I sort of half heard three or four minutes of reaction on the Sean O’Rourke programme on radio and Gregory Campbell was on. It was just as well somebody called to the house and I had to turn it off as I beginning to get extremely riled up just hearing his voice.


That is some 180 on the Jean McConville case.




Gregory Campbell is vile at times


Like a curry yoghurt


TBH he’s reasonable at times also but ref bloody Sunday it’s black and White with him


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The absolute state of these utter cunts from the British Army on BBC Newsline and their Goebbels-esque bullshit defending mass murder.

They genuinely believe they should be able to murder with impunity.

James Heappey MP was one.

The utter, fucking cunts.


Warrenpoint was a fucking great day


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For fuck sake mate, what is this, amateur hour??


How can terrorists walk free under the Good Friday Agreement and soldiers face prosecution


Are you retarded?


Touting is never right.