It's warm up North


I’m outraged is what I am




Most ignorant people are.


Outraged about what?


You are easily wound up, I was quoting Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans

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Wouldn’t it be ironic if some nutter turned up with a gun and …


Warm welcome waiting :wink:

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@Tim_Riggins and @GeoffreyBoycott front and centre no doubt


Not targeting this cunt was a crime against humanity.



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These lads bravery or ability to effectively organise hasn’t diminished in the last 50 years. Despite saying earlier that they would be organising ferries and buses and didn’t care who they offended, they always intended for the march to be in London rather than Londonderry, it was just some crossed wires.



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Yellow bastards


They would have been lucky to come out of it with their lives

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Be some irony if a RA sniper took out a few of these boys*.

*I dont support such at all, just pointing out it’d be a tremendous irony. I’d certainly support the people of Derry wearing black clothes and turning their backs on them as they march, however. Best response possible to these thugs.


Derry people have too much decorum ref bloody Sunday to do anything but protest in silence - and that includes republicans past and present .


Plus ca change

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I’m slightly torn by that video – I also hate Catholics , but not in the way these cunts mean it tho.