It's warm up North


Unfortunate phrase.



Karen didnt know that Nationalists did not vote for Unionists


Check out the big brain on Karen.


Karen Partridge


Karen is on her way, she’ll be Home Secretary in two years. The NI posting has become a nice notch on the belt for conservative politicians who have never actually been there, a rite of passage if you will for rising political starlets with the added bonus of not having to actually do anything while you hold the post.
It never ceases to amaze me the acceptance people in the six counties have for the total and utter contempt they’re treated with by Westminister.




from the “Watch Hearing” link from 2pm. Watch Jonathan Bell be forensically dissected.

Not even sure that he realises they’ve already cut his balls off.


Attempts to subvert the democratic wishes of the constituents of North Antrim have failed. Ian Paisley Jr will continue as Member of Parliament after the recall petition to remove him failed to garner the minimum level of support necessary to proceed.


The DUP :rofl:


These kids will probably take a different view when they become teenagers.


The DUP, the Fianna Fáil of the North.


The real subversion was done to stop people signing the petition … it’s noted that there’s a bit of glee here in your posts - strange given that you are usually the one shouting loudest when it comes to cheating in sport but you’ve no problem with corruption on a political level… very telling indeed… the tan in you is strong.


He’s the weirdest cunt on TFK. He’s obviously fairly well educated, he’s decided to devote his life to trolling a poor OCD sufferer from Tyrone who was ill-suited to school but at least puts in an honest day’s work now. This wanker in contrast is at this shite from the moment he rises, right through the office hours, until he goes to bed. By this stage, his entire life is devoted to trolling the Italian on TFK. When he’s reading the news, watching TV with real life people he’s thinking, “how could this annoy the Italian? I’ve got to get back to it…” His whole life is a fantasy. @HBV jokes that the INTERNET is these lads’ real friends, for this lad they’re not even his friends.

His latest one now is celebrating war crimes in Sri Lanka, thousands of innocent people murdered. He couldn’t say this shit out loud down the cricket club of course because the decent blueshirts would fuck him out of it.


no such thing


Oliver J no??:grinning:


You’ve lost it, mate. @GeoffreyBoycott is a treasure, one of the best posters on the internet. He has different interests and ideas to the standard soccer crowd, up the ra, snowkflake types. Granted, I’m one of the scummy soccer crowd myself and in contrast to Geoff, I despise rubby but he’s worth ten of the new posters.


Arlene has some very big questions to answer. She’s lied through her teeth and everyone’s abandoning the poor woman.
Kicking off shortly.


I can’t recollect. I don’t remember. I can’t recall that right now.


You under questioning from Mrs O’Sullivan about the stag night?