It's warm up North


Works for both sides. You’re made for politics my oul pal.


He’d be telling the truth though.


Who is the lad asking the questions? He’s not landing too many haymakers yet.


Here was me thinking that I had a tough day ahead of me in work with a few meetings here and there.


They’re giving her enough rope. The chairman will sit back and listen before filleting her in the afternoon


Get some of your minions to run errands


The funniest example of that I saw was the cop at the Public Accounts Committee who said that he couldn’t recall a meeting between Noirin and the Garda HR guy even though both said he was present.

‘I’m sorry I know it has been said that I was there but I just can’t remember it’. Apparently it went on for 2 hours!

Mary Lou stopped him mid sentence and said in disgust ‘Ok - thank you for your help’.


I save my derogatory views and actions for the Smashing Tunes thread mate.


Low enough tactics here from Arlene. Implicating a dead man.


She couldnt remember much, except that Martin knew - of that she was certain. :smile:

Not even Fianna Fail could be up to the DUP.


Here on BBC news now, Sinn Fein didn’t want minutes taken at any meeting as they didn’t like records being kept :joy:


That’s interesting. The head of the civil service here said it was common practice with the dup, sinn fein and others. But whatever the gullible fools will accept as long as Teresa and her mates are happy.


what kind of a banana republic set up is northern ireland?


It was your idea, not mine


An absolutely despicable act by Foster today, to use Martin Mcguiness in such a way. Beyond disgusting.


Poor Martin McGuinness had such a good name after all.





She remembers a conversation with mcguinness from a few years ago but when interviewed by Nolan on it she couldn’t remember a con call she had with the protagonists a mere 24 hours earlier !
Mcguinness resigned over this so it’s not credible in the slightest that he was involved in it.


Arlene hatched up a 750 million pound fraud which they expected @Tassotti and Co to pay for.
All the BBC have to do is mention sinn fein and the English public start to bay in horror, meanwhile the dup have them and their government over a barrel.
And it’s not remotely fascinating to watch.