It's warm up North


A protestant state for a protestant people…


Big day for Bert and Ernie.


Will this be the end of the affair or will it merely harden their resolve?


Result is in. A great victory for freedom of speech and common sense. Well done Supreme Court.


Snowflakes will go into meltdown


Who pays the costs here?


British justice has deservedly been eviscerated on this forum over the years . However this decision is grounded in common sense .


Of the cake ??


A disgraceful, shameful decision. Northern Ireland really is a backward kip.


It was the UK Supreme Court .


I’m aware of that, the case was caused by a bigoted baker in Northern Ireland.


Load of balls, they knew the gay lad and had served him plenty of times. He was a bit of a wum


A baker with deep held beliefs who was goaded in to putting a slogan on a cake .

If I was the baker I would have have taken the dosh but there you go . There is the view now that the equality commission may have over egged the pudding .


It’s their business, why should they be made make a cake they dont want to make…



Is Baker Bradley managing any team these times ?


They shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate. No surprise to see Paisley Jnr support the bigoted bakers.


Don’t think so. I see the Antrim job is up for grabs


It’s their business … they decide what they offer and what they dont. It’s very, very simple .


You and your 'Ra buddies would probably have tried to blow the bakery up if they refused to bake a communion cake. You fucking hypocrite.

Anyway, I’ve had a brimful of Ashers, bigoted baker cunts and I won’t be commenting on these dinosaurs any more.


Climb down noted.