It's warm up North


It’s still illegal not to serve the gays but the bakers’ point was they wouldn’t bake that even for straight people.


He was already a customer


The British justice system is the best there is.


As long as your British




Did you read the book The Secret Barrister?


Unionism in the gutter and a decent feature on that foreign lad that vanished. Well worth a listen
Talkback - 22/10/2018 - @bbcradioulster


It’s called religious freedom you stupid cunt. The US Supreme court recently voted 7-2 to uphold the same principle. The government has no right to compel people to do something that violates their religious beliefs.


What the fuck has the US supreme court got to do with it? :laughing:

Go prep some veg or cook some grits you fucking halfwit.


Same issue, same ruling. It’s further evidence that you’re a fruitcake, as if any was needed.


Do you miss Sid Chef?


At least he was capable of arguing a point, no matter how wrong it was.


He was certainly capable of that, a bit like yourself.

What do you do with all the spare time you have on your hands now?


I see it as my duty to correct simpletons like yourself.

Care to back up your statement where you said the UK Supreme court, based in London your spiritual home, is bigoted in it’s ruling on the gay wedding cake?


I’ve already dealt with it.


You haven’t, you conceded defeat.


Only inside your imagination.


Where is Sid anyway?




Did I miss something, mate?