It's warm up North


Scumbag Adams carried Begley coffin. What message does that send out when trying to portray yourself as wanting peace. Scum fein are retards


Ah right. The “they started it” defence.


Gun or politics


It’s been politics for 20 years.


Yea if there’s a hard border will it be politically


Old days are the old days Joe … I wish you FF cunts would just let them be and stop referencing them at every chance just to suit your own agenda.


If bygones were bygones there’d be no TFK


And your avatar would nt be an I r a fuck




That’s me when I was in the FCA.




:joy: :+1:


Oh yea it is remember you got jail in 98




You’re some bollox outing me like that. I didnt do time as I wasnt actually a member of the IRA at the time … but was very close to it. A few local politicians and business men stepped in to vouch for my character.


The fucking scumbags nicked one of the ambulances and drove their mates with a few cuts and bruises to the hospital.


Your not an I R A scumbag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Traditional Unionist Jim allister is calling you all “serfs” etc!
The Nolan Show - 12/11/2018 - @bbcradioulster


He’s spot on of course


Jim talks a lot of sense on a variety of subjects