It's warm up North


It’s uncanny how you’re both on the same wavelength


Claire Byrne tonight is a joint effort with Stephen Nolan I see. Wonder will Jim make an appearance?


Micky Harte must have been busy that day!


On BBC tonight


Alastair Campbell having a great craic on bbc one currently. He was skitting when young snowflakes were attacking the dup


Hermann Kelly destroying Campbell here


An awful bloody show that. I’m no fan of the psni, but the show where three camp self important twinkies got to grill the ‘chief constable’ was a low.water mark for Western civilisation. He should have baton charged them.


I’ve just had a nice respectable middle class customer tell me that her dog can tell the difference between it’s right paw and it’s “fenian paw”. She obviously takes me for a prod.


hahahahahaha your eyes must be well spaced


One of them is


Did you ask her if her dog can tell the difference between an open fire and a house on fire?


It didn’t occur to me. Are you suggesting I burn her out?


Ah. Open fire!!


God no
Just suggesting you test how intelligent her dog is


Bullet or flame. You set the wheels in motion.


All joking aside, what did you think of yer woman. A retired school teacher, a bit posh etc. Just goes to show


You know the oul joke pal. There’s no prejudice in the golf clubs (or rugby clubs) till the fenian leaves.


I didn’t know that one, very apt. I delivered a few bits to her house once. I asked her for her address, “oh south Belfast” she says. I asked whereabouts… It was off the Newtownards Rd!



Pretentious? Moi?