It's warm up North


Dozens of pupils witness fatal shooting outside Belfast school


Holy shite. Willie Frazer’s latest Facebook video is full on tinfoil hat stuff…

Though he seems like he might be pissed in it.


Can you post it up?



Yet another IRA nonce…


Set up by the IRA?


Not a nonce, it says there was no child porn.

That UK “extreme pornography” law is the biggest load of shite.


What is it then? Some weird animal shit?


Animal farm it seems


You can get thrown in prison in the UK for downloading facesitting porn


A British agent nonce.


He was in the IRA mate, a top ranking provo. Is farmyard pornography popular with the Italian immigrant community in Northern Ireland?

A real mistake by the provos trusting someone with such poor character as Scap.


He was a British Agent employed by MI6.


What are you doing? Of course he was, half the top boys in the ra were brit spies.
Totti knows this as well as anyone but you’ve engaged now so best of luck to you.




The 'Ra was full of nonces, that’s why the Brits had no problem turning them.


The Brits ruled Ireland from Dublin Castle for 800 years with 30 lads armed with sticks and an army of informers. Infiltrating the ra was a piece of piss. Sure Adams and McGuinnes were the top spies ffs


Yer wan the German exchequer :grinning:


Dublin crime gang apparently. Coming up here and disturbing our peace!


So the Brits seeked out nonces to offer them immunity and financial rewards.