It's warm up North


Lower ranking garda- thick as shite- going nowhere in the force ( a force not renowned for intelligence) and you still couldn’t make it​:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::slight_smile: speaks volumes- Loser


Great to give the likes of you home truths :grinning:don’t give a shite ref getting turfed out of here- said my piece buddy boy- have an interesting life-much patrolling around Patrickswell? Thought not - tail between yere legs up there :joy:


Christ that has really tipped you over the edge. You’ve gone bananas. You’re absolutely seething with rage :sunglasses:


Honestly not- but I don’t shilly shally ref past misdeeds ( mine included) I always man up



Training for the apes


So I said, Look buddy, your car was upside-down when I got here. And as for your grandmother, she shouldn’t have mouthed off like that”


Where was that?


Not sure where. Believe it’s from 2\3 years ago … water protests maybe ? Garda named as I think Ronan Smith?


All the same the clowns lowest of the low , country boys left loose


Aw dirty bastard. You do that on the street you’ll do time.


That was in a hotel lobby in Gorey as far as I recall.


If no love of the RUC whilst in the 6 counties,but they were professional compared to the baboon’s in AGS


There’s good and bad in every job, that chap should have been fucked out (was he?) but he’s hardly representative of his profession


Professionally brutal… A shower of cunts. They had to rein their brutality in after the mid 80s but make no mistake they were bastards.


Should hav been gaoled. Was he?


TBF some are ok, but reference being a republican / water protester even their behaviour was awful,only have to look at Roscommon minding loyalists


I remember this incident, professional protester/sinn fein types looking for trouble. The fella who was dropped was after kicking the guard and punching him in the kidneys. The proper unedited video in on youtube


Not a fucking hope,I know a kid in 80 cork,teen, brought to the viaduct,gun in his mouth etc,pissed himself/ Shat himself left to find his own way home( looking for information on who from the 6 counties was staying in certain houses) p.s. his vv close relative became Lord mayor of cork- none of the heavy gang were jailed


The heavy gang destroyed the ira in Limerick and the midwest, great work was done