It's warm up North


Put it up then. The guy was at least 60 and handcuffed.

Put your youtube video up.


Patrickswell happened


he was not handcuffed, stop bullshitting, he was after assaulting the guard


I’ve just watched that and you, once again have been shown to be a liar. You are, it seems correct in that he wasn’t handcuffed, but he did not assault the guard.

Your youtube video actually demonstrates that you are a tube.


give it up, you have been caught out something rotten telling porkies, if anything the guard should have laid out a few more of them


Christ, who’d want to be a Garda


Exemplary policing. Calm, reasonable etc. The chap was being asked for his name and address and refused to give it. He was then correctly arrested, or they attempted to arrest him, correctly. The physicality was introduced by the mob. After a show of great patience the baton was drawn. I’d have had it out earlier. Also a beautifully executed swing, sweet stuff, kind of stuff they dream about in Templemore.

The law of this State must be, and will be, enforced and upheld by the Gaurdians of the Peace.


Ah, took me maybe 4 posts too many but I see what you are. A couple of thing beginning with W … a wanker & a wum. Bye


That’s why u were fucked out?( Lower ranks always with the snout in the trough)


Fellas on here trying to blacken the name of the guards with fake news and lies. I’d have the utmost respect for the guards, trying to uphold the law of the land and protect the security of the state. That auld fella was a right sneaky fucker, they were kicking the back of the guard and hitting him rabbit punches in the kidneys from behind. I don’t know hoe the guards do it, imagine having to deal with a crowd of pricks like that


Piss yourself one afternoon in Derry FFS keystone cops, backhander boys


Ah Corky, wouldn’t condemn them all. Lads join lookin at it like a good oul soft career with the best of intentions. Some of them get on the oul power trip, some on the gang mentality but most just gettin by like the rest of us.


the first video posted was emblematic of the way the likes of Sinn Fein and Paul Murphy types operate, agitating like fuck trying to rise people, with some asshole there with a camera videoing then when the reaction comes, a bit of careful editing and then throw it up on social media for the usual apes to get outraged at


Yes and no,I’ve a buddy retired det sergeant, originally from the ,6 counties sound skin,also 2 school mates both retired one branch / one community Garda sergeant,2 of the 3 are of the same opinion as I am of a lot of the blue shirts- when I came home I’d no problems drinking with them despite my background and vice versa- but by God I’ve met some utter gobshites,not branch etc they are in general professional - do their jobs - lock u up if proof is available- but the clowns on the streets -a lot of them accept bribes,bully and mess about ,are small minded


We’ve a fella here who stayed with cousins in derry for a few weeks and he reckons he was second in command to Martin McGuinness! :laughing: :rollseyes:




People stuck in a time warp here still


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh McGuiness another Michael Collins


:rofl: I’m not sure this fella is all there


He thinks McGuinness was a traitor now too :laughing:

A right dangerous man, some man to talk bombing and shooting at the bar