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@Breaking_my_balls needs to be careful here, he could still be on active service


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At 60 ah now even for a sham with your imagination I’d say nahhhh


I think the phrasing of the headline of this article overplays things slightly, but it’s quite reasonable to suggest that 20 milllion have died since World War II as a result of US foreign policy, either directly or indirectly.

Your only response to all this has been that “the US has been on the right side of history”, when that plainly isn’t the case - it has been a vicious global mass killer.

Whereas I never claimed that Britain was on the right side of history as regards the Irish famine - it obviously wasn’t.

That doesn’t mean it committed a genocide, though.


I fear this young woman is deluded. Much as I’d like her to be proved right, this murder, like may other horrific murders in the past, while outraging people now, will gradually fade in the memory as everyday living takes over and the gangster scum masquerading as “protectors of the people” loyalists continue to exploit their own community.
It must be desperate living and raising a family under this “protection”.


The uvf/uda were heroes in those areas when they were butchering any oul taig they could get hold of.


Billy Wright got it wrong- suitable ending to that particular scrote- hero to so many loyalist,I ask you?


Set up by the brits?


Not a hope ,I was best man in there week after in the irp wing all down to intelligence and balls,one guy took the rap ( looper anyway,)he’d nothing to lose :grinning:good operation


Yeah, I know. And when they were feuding among themselves the best way to end their feuds would be to kill a taig or 2 to re focus their “minds”. But I do think that the people in those areas would like to have their “protectors” off their backs. Not that they have any more love for the taigs on the other side of the wall - just witness the “fleg” protests for how easy it is to get them back onside.


Crip’s dead himself now a few years.


Heard that some balls on him,lost the plot when released


My sister was teaching in st. Genevieves at the time. A girl in her class says, “miss, my da was on tv last night”.
My sis says, “that’s lovely. What did he do?”
The wee girl says, “miss, he shot billy wright”




Heard the joke ref the 2 Chinese screws handcuffed to billy? Says to crip and co,when they thought he was going to plug them also" hi 2 Wong’s don’t make a wight"


Suited everyone at the time. If ever someone needed/deserved to be got.


He knew too much


Trimble’s dirty secrets


Arthur Calwell coined that joke in the 1940s.


This was the 80s Muppet