It's warm up North


It was an old joke by then.


Different circumstances


2 of the Derry 4 on with Miriam on radio1 now @Corksfinedtboy


Watching Mary Lou,+Andrew Marr


Tnx whip it on now


Ref Mary Lou- looking more like Mary Harney


@glenshane would this have been a “cultural” event?


Civil and religious liberties


The crowd of 200 must have doubled the population.


If you’d a rabid dog it’d be out down


You’re some fucking hyprocrite-going on about loughinisland and criticizing me for remembering patsy o Hara / Raymond McCreesh-useless Wexford idiot- know fuck all- did fuck all ,back to your book ( fantasy book) plastic paddy


@Fitzy getting taken for a ride here.


I could say you’re just embarrassing yourself now, but that would be an optimistic interpretation of your stupidity. Seriously, sling your hook. All you’ve done since you arrived on this forum is call everybody names a 9 year old would find unsophisticated.


How would you define a “plastic paddy”?




No, he’s more of an uncle Tarquin


he’d be the inverse of a plastic Paddy. A Mick who doesn’t want to be one.


yeah I was a bit trigger happy there with that one. Oh well.


Odd, the audit trail tells me that you began this spat with juvenile name calling


Tut tut not for moving little boy- suck it up hyprocrite-