It's warm up North


You never answered how on one hand you condem loughinisland and on the other criticise me for mentioning the anniversaries of 2 of the 1981 hunger strikers? No answer ? Thought not, Wexford well named " yellow"


They’re trying to bully you off the forum mate, I’d tell you to stay strong but I know there’s no need, the barstool republicans will be naturally intimidated by the likes of yourself, makes them uncomfortable


Thanks bud , correct ref bar stool rebels,but sure it’s great fun-" the lady’s not for turning " as Fitzys heroine once said,well have to tell ould Fitzy I’m the male equivalent of Maggie Thatcher




What’s this now?


Possibly praying? Mentioned Christ


It’s a pity they weren’t as successful at keeping the murder weapins


plus ça change


Jolene Buntings Twitter page.


lang=en see there’s a problem there. Whatever language that cow speaks it ain’t english - at least not as we know it. Maybe stoner\english or stoner\moron\english.

Feel free to substitute Ulster-Scots for english there.


This video is gas. The one that waddles out on to the road in the “skinny” jeans isn’t built for soft ground!


Old news,same old same old- dinosaurs


They should have been arrested for crimes against music. The state of the fat lad at the back drenched in sweat.


What harm are they doing. It’s only a bit of fun.


Great bit of Culture there.


More culture in a sterilised Petri dish


More culture in rathkeele


And juxtaposing that great piece of Culture and Community we have some sectarian bile been spewed on here.


Feel free to point out the “sectarian bile”. In the meantime here’s an example of the “Culture and Community” associated with these bands:


She any relation of Ronnie Bunting I wonder?