Jeremy Corbyn he's in the RA


The image of a beloved universal icon of freedom doesn’t touch a nerve with any reasonable person, pal.

That’s why this very country celebrated him with an extremely popular commemorative stamp just a couple of months ago, which was lovely to see.

And if that touched a raw nerve with a few sad, bitter, miserable cunts like yourself, so much the better. :clap:


I didn’t see that bit, gave up about half way down, I just think it’s really poor writing regardless of political perspective. Anyone can see that.


What would you know of reasonable people? The lad that spends half his life frothing at the mouth on the internet about the politics of a country he’s never been to; speaking for reasonable people :rollseyes:


A lot more than an ignorant roaster like you living the middle of nowhere with a boghole for a toilet, that’s for sure.

Speaking of froth, do try and find some sort of a functional bathroom to clean it away from your mouth and chin, by the way - it likely contains significant traces of your own shit.


As if my point needed proving…


You clearly still haven’t cleaned yourself up, pal. At least have a try, not on my behalf, but on your own.

I’m trying to be kind to you.


You’re overdoing your passive-aggressive terms again. It’s a dead giveaway sign when you get rattled. That, the two spaced sentence replies, and the strange but constantly repeated references to shit. I’m sure you’re a normal, reasonable guy when you do venture outside though.


@Sidney making shit of @Raylan


Read back over your posts here this evening, pal. It’s yourself who has been grumbling non-stop.

It’s lovely to know Jeremy Corbyn, Che Guevara and myself annoy you so much. You’re more than welcome to continue idolising Timmy Dooley. :grin:






It’s hilarious to see these fucking neoliberal idiots giving advice on what Corbyn should do when he single-handedly revived both the party and the entire ideology the party is supposed to stand for.

There was some serious reality inversion in the Observer at the weekend:

Those ‘third way’ cocksuckers destroyed democratic socialism over the past 30 years, and the centre left with it. Their embrace of neoliberalism is why the centre left is such a mess now. Corbyn has not only made Labour the most popular part in Britain, but a he has made a truly social democratic party the most popular party in the UK precisely because he never sold out to their bullshit.

And now these chattering class idiots who’ve been wrong about everything want to lecture people on what Labour should do, and they genuinely believe that people should listen to them. Ignoring them is precisely why Corbyn’s Labour is on the brink of power and the Tories are totally fucked.


A politician in a country I don’t live in

A politician who was dead before I was born

An internet weirdo

Something about another politician I don’t remember ever referring to.

Wow, you zinged me :cry:


A politician you took the trouble to post a hatchet job article about withut anybody prompting you.

A freedom fighter you took the trouble to comment on without anybody prompting you.

It’s INTERNET, pal.

Here, pal. Took about 8 seconds to bring it up.

I did indeed.


Hatchet job? A mildly critical opinion-piece at worst

“Freedom fighter” referenced in the same article. Vicious takedown alright

An article referring to Timmy Dooley. Where I idolized him, I suppose?


You seem to be taking all this terribly to heart, mate.

Don’t worry, it’s only the INTERNET.

You’re really boring me now, and you seem very eager to have the last word on this, so, go on, have it.




You are unhinged.

You can hate Tony Blair for going to war all you want, but his Labour government’s poured money into public services. That is an objective fact. Barring his first and last year in charge, Labour increased public services spending by 6% annually. The UK went from spending the 22nd highest amount of their national income on public services to the 6th highest to 10 in the OECD during the Blair/Brown years. The UK was during the Blair years the country in the OECD with the second highest rate of spending increase. During Brown’s Premiership, they were the country with the fourth largest increase (GRRR Austerity), making them number 1 for the period of 1997-2010.

At times it seems like Jeremy Corbyn and his followers on twitter are more interested in holding the Tony Blair administrations accountable than the current Conservative administration

The thing about a guy like you is that you don’t have a fucking clue what neo liberal means. Blair was neo liberal (let’s set aside his war) in the sense that he believed in free markets - meaning capital and labour into the UK. He saw the generation gap in the UK and coupled with efforts to weaken the Franco-German alliance in the EU, pushed for the EU to move east. This brought lots of young labour into the British market to replace the old, legally. He did this to keep the British economy growing, to actually pay for the increases in public services he wanted. He was basically employeeing the Swedish model on a grand scale, but you’re too fucking thick to see that.

Yet while on the one hand you’ll blast Blair for neo liberalism, which broader integration and immigration was a huge part off, you’re the exact time to throw around the term racist at a UKIP voter.

In case you didn’t notice @Watch_The_Break, the “Left” has been a mess for decades. That’s because by the 1970s British economy was totally shagged after years of Labour (and Conservative) policies. The “left” of Corbyn has been proven to be an unmitigated disaster in every place it touches. The softer left, that of Scandinavia & indeed Germany, has a stronger argument for success than these loopers you support. But Viva la Revolution I guess.


This is when the “left” was a mess. Watch and learn.


Yeah but it’s not proper Socialism… like Venezuela.