Jeremy Corbyn he's in the RA


Well you admit to reading it, so you should know.


You clearly read it a lot more than me, so you should know better.


Paul Mason is going through a mid life crisis. Whilst staying in 5 star hotels in Athens during the financial crisis he rediscovered socialism.


My gut feeling is that if UKIP do make a breakthrough, it will be in the North and at Labour’s expense. I struggle to see them taking Tory seats, but if there is a Lib Dem resurgence then UKIP might take enough votes off the Tories in the south west and south east to help them win back some of the seats they lost last time.


I was glad to see Corbyn in a smart looking suit today. I’m sure it offends the true believers that presentation matters, but it does and it costs nothing.


One could reasonably assume you’re going through a bit of a crisis yourself complaining about selfishness on one thread while advocating firmly for the politics of selfishness on numerous other threads.


Are you talking about my dislike of socialism and public spending? Yes, that is selfish.


I’m talking about your political philosophy which you’ve documented extensively over the last year, in which you’ve regularly espoused values of selfishness, individualism and greed, and ridiculed notions that wealthier people should have societal responsibility to the most vulnerable, and yet are now complaining at the prospect of some of the most vulnerable people in the country having a say over their own bodies, calling it “selfishness”.

That to me definitely indicates somebody having a crisis of beliefs.

Or perhaps it’s consistent and you really do believe that only the less vulnerable should have the “freedom” you regularly talk about.


You dislike public spending?


Socialism is rape, capitalism is consensual sex.




I’d be more inclined to use your other hobby horse this evening and turn it back around and say that unfettered capitalism is rape, socialism is responsible parenting.


Incorrect, corporatism aided by bad law making/public policy (i.e. government intervention) is rape. Capitalism in its purest form is beautiful.


OK, mate, time to go off and read your bedtime story. Enjoy re-reading Ayn Rand for the fifth time.


If I am looking for fairy tales, I might stick on a Jeremy Corbyn “policy” briefing. Maybe the one about banning after work drinks.


That doesn’t exist, mate, although keep believing your own fairy tale, by all means.


Sid, your arguments are usually persuasive if hyperbolic. The suggestion that new labour should get on with uniting the party is farcical. Corbyn is corbyn. His militant wing are as amenable to compromise as frank murphy, as you are well aware.


I’m perfectly aware of which “wing” of the Labour party has refused to compromise over the last year, thanks.

And as I’ve said, if that “wing” of the party is half as smart as it thinks it is, they’d be well advised to stop listening to dinosaurs like John McTernan, put their petulance and childishness behind them and start acting like real politicians.



Why are you so concerned about this . What difference will it make to you who leads Labour. My interests are selfish and Irish interest .


You’ve made a complete fool of yourself. Stop digging a bigger hole you imbecile.