Jeremy Corbyn he's in the RA


Go away you arselicking weasel .


You’re a laughing stock pal. Take a hint and stop bumping this thread, you’ve made an awful fool of yourself here. You probably forgot which log in you were using.


I’m still laughing at this. :laughing:


I said Corbyn leading Labour is great for the Tories . I said I am happy enough with this .

How is that "making a fool " of myself.

Do you have a mind of your own ???


“Today is a truly great day for these islands”

That’s what you said, Tory boy.


Today at Labour Conference
9:46am: Corbyn tells Jewish peer who quit Labour over anti-Semitism to “reflect“.

9:56am: Corbyn says he backs war crimes investigations into British troops.

10:00am: Corbyn says he opposes giving more resources to MI6.

10:22am: McDonnell defends calling Esther McVey “a stain on humanity”.

10:40am: Yvette Cooper tells McDonnell to apologise.

11:06am: McDonnell doubles down, says “yes I do” think they were the right words.

11:15pm: Derek Hatton spotted in the conference hall.

11:52am: Ken Livingstone talks about Hitler on the BBC.

1:42am: Delegate rants about “Jewish MPs” and “Jewish plot to oust Corbyn”.

1:50pm: Fringe speaker compares Tory welfare policy to Nazis’ Arbeit Macht Frei.

5:00pm: Momentum host speaker who called for a Jewish man’s throat to be cut.

5:25pm: Anti-war merchandise mocking injured British soldiers on sale.

6:00pm: Jackie Walker says anti-Semitism in Labour is “exaggerated“.

6:30pm: Leaflets circulated: “Jewish Labour Movement does not belong in Labour”.





Guido Fawkes :laughing:

Could you not at least have referenced a more credible journalist like, say, Katie Hopkins?


Quiet enough day really. It might get tasty in the bar later on tonight.


Kristallnacht for Jeremy and his pals, the Jewish population of Liverpool must be nervous


Having a functioning opposition party is overrated anyway.


You must be getting nervous yourself if you’ve decided to make Nazi analogies.

And you support Trump, the irony. :laughing:



Is that an attempt at a witty meme?

I know you don’t like memes.


It isn’t a meme. It is a sample of the t shirts on sale today.

The Labour Party are genius, they are going to make themselves even more electable in England with the Socialist Party conducting the orchestrating the show.


A very welcoming atmosphere at the conference.


that scumbag Corbyn is a big IRA man, sure they all hate the jews, that crowd. Delighyted he got in, Labour are finished for the next 10 year


Gerry Adams was on Twitter last night congratulating Jeremy.

GA this week was implicated in another murder in the North. In normal politics, this would make someone unpalatable. Not for armchair Republicans in Ireland and anti Semite Labour Party members, however. He’d get a standing ovation if he rocked up to the Labour Party Conference tomorrow.

The best thing about the whole Jeremy Corbyn thing is that the Tories don’t even have to open their book on him. The Party are destroying themselves.


Not a cult


Is Ruth Smeeth still working with the Daily Telegraph to try and manufacture a fake anti-semitism conspiracy to try and smear Corbyn?

Maybe Corbyn should bring a bodyguard for effect the next time he meets any Blairites, after all, he was the one getting death threats.