Joe Canning, the ex GOAT

… how good is he?

To be honest I think he could turn out to be the best ever. His first real big senior test for Galway and he scores 2-13. Mother of Jaysus!

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There’s no show like a Joe show.

He has it all to be the best. Its a shame the system doesnt give him a decent chance to show it or for us to see more of it at the moment.

Superb seeing him destroy O’Sullivan. One of the most overrated full backs, n players, over the last ten years…

[quote=“myboyblue”]There’s no show like a Joe show.


I assume you mean Joe Deane? Because that was where the winning of the game was

But yes Canning was superb

hes overrated now but he was a great FB in his day, legs are gone completely

Didnt see the game live as I was in Longford watching my beloved Laois for my sins.

However I was referring to Canning, a player who has it all in front of him, as opposed to Deane, a player who has it all behind him.

Joe Deane - one of the most underrated players over the last ten years I would have said…

Doesn’t get the credit he deserves for me and never has…

[quote=“myboyblue”]Didnt see the game live as I was in Longford watching my beloved Laois for my sins.

However I was referring to Canning, a player who has it all in front of him, as opposed to Deane, a player who has it all behind him.[/quote]

Deano rolled back the years Saturday MBB, didnt think it was left in him but it was vintage. his best display in a cork shirt in many many years

Fair play to him, he’s quite the sorcerer. I think a lot of us felt Deane was finished, but there’s always one or two kicks in the greats. Watched highlights last night and he seemed fairly influential, but the highlights were far too short to tell anymore.

Naughton is starting to live up to the hype too.

Loughnane was asked last night if he was going to step down seeing that he said that if they didn’t win the All Ireland in two years he would have failed.

He said that the time has been a failure as they never even got near a semi final. He then said ‘who’s fault that is - I don’t know’ . It’s your fault you fooker - stop trying to go back on your word…

loughnane will never admit to his own failings. Canning is unreal alright. Some first touch on him. Looks a bit heavy but has pace and his size will help him when he has fcukers like DOS pulling on him and trying to drag him down. Deane had a great game alright, and is a very under rated player alright farmer.

I wouldnt blame Loughnane unduly, the system is a fucking joke, I’d blame the GCB for not going into Leinster years ago. What fucking good is it to Galway to be spanking Antrim and Laois? They’re the only side who dont get a backdoor and its the GCB’s fault. Voting as they did for this system was like Turkeys voting for Christmas.

Canning is unreal alright. I was at croker a few years ago for the AI club final when he was playing for Portumna against Newtownshandrum. Think he was only 17 at the time but he beat them on his own. And he nearly beat Cork on his own at the weekend. Seems to have an old head on young shoulders too as you could see him barking orders at lads all through the game. Some score against Cork and to come out on the losing side. Think he scored something like 1-16 for LIT in the Fitzgibbon final and still lost aswell.

Think his man got MOTM in that Fitz Final too, Kilkenny fella, had an outstanding game on Joe, but Canning still came out with a sackful, astonishing talent.

Agreed, great full back in his day. Last seen around 2003. Part-time liability 2004-2005, full liability 2006-present.

in his prime 98 - 94 he was the best around, great to watch even better to be on your side.

He’s done his career no favours by still playing (League winning captain in 98 when he was still u-21, and he was a very good captain incidently)

Should have been dropped two years ago

lads not just sticking up for gerlock as he is from clare but galway hurling yet again showed their thrue colours saturday evening…windy as fuck…apart from the 2 cannings, cullinane and skehill the rest of them were afraid to mix it…how many balls did curran win uncontested…

as fro joe deane…fair play to him…could have walked away ayear or two ago but keeps going…once he caught a ball over the galway corner backs head you knew he was going to have a stormer…same thing happened against clare in 06…

as for canning he is a classy operator…but i don’t see him having a bit long 15 year career as he is a big lad who isn’t naturally fit and is still carrying a bit of weight…can be tough if he gets a half serious knock…hope he doesn’t though…

Canning is astonishing. Has to be the player of the year.

I know I’ve been childishly glib about the hype around him; and I take back my remarks about him parting the Shannon so they can walk accross.

His is without doubt the best player to come out of the noughties. No Mistake.

What he’ll do for Galway is up to Galway.

If Ger L leaves, and I think he probably has to, Galway need to head hunt another name Manager. Putting an asset like Joe Canning into the hands of a clown like G McCarthy or many more I could mention will kill Galway Hurling off for good; and no tinkering around with Leinster or open draws will help them return to the 88-92 days.

Does anyone know if he has Cork Ancestory?

don’t mind the manager what galway needs is a keady, a finnerty, a lynskey and a linnane…

Don’t we all. But ye’ve a head start with a 20yr old prodigy.